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How to get rid of Depression: Step by step Guide


What is depression?

Quite a few people confuse depression with bad mood, but in reality bad mood has absolutely nothing to do with depression.

Bad mood is a temporary short-term condition in which a person feels sad or disappointed by an event in life.

For example, it can be a breakup, stress, job loss, death of a loved one and so on. Being sad and in a negative mood from these situations, even if it lasts for a few weeks, does not mean that a person suffers from depression, even if he has several symptoms that indicate depression.

Depression is a very serious mental disorder that negatively affects how we feel, how we think and act. In practice, this means that it disrupts a person’s daily activities.

Unlike bad mood, depression is a serious, long-term mental disorder that lasts for months and even years. It causes feelings of sadness, loss of motivation, inability to rejoice and enjoy, or also loss of interest in any activity, someone feels hopeless and in more severe forms also the loss and will to live.

It can lead to various emotional and physical problems and can significantly reduce and limit a person’s ability to function in life, at work and in personal life.

This was a superficial concept of depression, based on the consequences of the mental disorder itself.

Let’s say this is a certain point of view in Western medicine, which sees man only as a physical being of flesh and bones.

The problem is that we are much more than just a lump of flesh and bones. We are also souls and consciousness. That is why I will now tell you my own point of view on depression from a spiritual and mental point of view.


Depression occurs when the pain we should feel from our loss is suppressed and is not perceived as part of our spiritual growth and further experience throughout life.

When we push and suppress these unpleasant feelings deep enough and do so long enough, we create a wall that will block pleasant feelings (on the physical level, this is reflected in the change in physiology in the body and the rate of hormone release).

It is a process that teaches us how to control life at a very deep level. It’s not something we should avoid. Our souls came here to learn how to overcome one of the most challenging life experiences they can have and as a result they were able to grow up and become the best version of themselves.

The first step in getting out of this gray-black situation is to understand what depression is and why it is happening to us. The reason why depression still manifests itself is our conscious but also subconscious resistance and avoidance of emotional traumas from our past.

If we feel that we are not strong enough to deal with our pain, then we can compensate for this pain by turning to drugs, alcohol, television, sex, food, or other stimulants.

Then we say that we enjoy life to the fullest by using every possible entertainment we find, but deep down we know that we are avoiding the pain that we are afraid of inside.

Internally, we fear our demons and so we suppress them deeper and deeper. What we fight or resist persists. The stronger the resistance, the less we are able to find an inner path of peace to solve the experience we are trying to avoid.

If this avoidance is done long enough, it will eventually drag our minds and hearts down the path of emotional despair, sadness, hopelessness into a deep and dark depression.


Depression comes when we avoid directly confronting an experience that is there so that we can grow up and become a better version of ourselves. If we do not allow our souls to grow and gain experience, then depression comes as a call for help from our souls.

Our soul is here to learn, gain experience and grow. The whole universe is based on this principle. The universe is constantly expanding and growing, and so is our entire evolving society.

There is only one constant in this universe that always applies in the whole universe, and that is certainty. It is a certainty that nothing is and will never be the same. Everything in this universe is changing, evolving, expanding. The only constant in this universe is change.

If you stagnate in life, you do not live in harmony with your soul (your heart), then depression may come as an indicator that you need to change it.

One of the greatest secrets to healing depression comes from exploring the deeply repressed feelings that remain at the bottom of our deepest emotional abyss, which has been covered in layers of addiction.

Examining the pain we have is not so unbearable when we know the real reason why it still stays there.

The reason our pain is never healed is that it naturally calls us to our inner spiritual source.

The source of our innermost being is where our greatest peace, quiet and absolute healing is.

When we realize that the greatest spiritual experience awaits us at the end of the dark tunnel in the form of light and our personal and spiritual growth, the pain we have avoided will suddenly become the greatest secret we can open, explore and grow in our best version of ourselves.


Depression, like any mental and physical illness, is an indicator of change. The body communicates with us in this way and tells us that we cannot continue to live this way and that we need to make changes in our lives.

Our body communicates with us in different ways, but in depression it is most often through emotion.

The problem arises when a person cannot listen properly to his emotions and therefore to his body. All these “negative emotions” show us the direction and the path that leads to a new path of life, full of healing, happiness and inner harmony.

Depression is just a transient state where we feel unhappy and unfulfilled, so it is here to show us the direction to happiness.

There is light at the end of each tunnel, and the depressing state is transient so that we can discover light in the form of happiness, inner fulfillment and peace within ourselves.


Most people do not know and do not even want to decipher their emotions and the message that their body sends them. They can’t and don’t want to learn to work with their emotions and change their lives, because it’s far more convenient to see a doctor and have antidepressants prescribed.

Antidepressants suppress our emotions and thus we lose contact with ourselves, our body and we are completely separate from our source.

Every human being was born to overcome limitations. Every day we receive a number of specific challenges that we must overcome so that we can grow, learn from our mistakes and become a better, stronger, healthier, happier and smarter version of ourselves.

If you want to free your life, get in touch with the emotions you tend to run away from and avoid.

These are often feelings such as rejection, fear, failure, guilt, shame, despair, hopelessness, feeling lost, unloved and more.

No one likes this experience, yet it is good to remember that each of them is only temporary. They simply come and then leave again. Every negative feeling is manifested because it has something excellent in it, so that we learn something about ourselves, learn and gain new experiences.

If we did not have negative emotions and feelings, we would not be able to know ourselves or grow.

We only become a truly strong, creative and unstoppable magical being when we have overcome our massive inner demons, which are hidden within us.


Each person is individual and each person will have different symptoms of depression. There are several very common to regular symptoms that unite people who suffer from depression. Below you will find the most common symptoms that people with depression have.

  • Feeling sad or depressed.
  • Loss of interest or pleasure in activities that used to bring joy and pleasure. Inability to rejoice.
  • Changes in appetite and changes in diet such as weight loss or weight gain.
  • Loss of interest, lack and disappearance of pleasure from popular activities.
  • Addictions such as binge drinking, drug use and more.
  • Reduction of sexual desire.
  • Sleep problems.
  • Energy loss and increased fatigue.
  • Feeling of worthlessness and guilt.
  • Loss of interest and meaning in life.
  • Impaired concentration and decision-making. (Inability to concentrate, difficult tasks, delayed reactions during interviews and more).
  • Drastic mood swings and anxiety.
  • Thoughts of death or suicide.
  • Cognitive abilities such as thinking or speaking are slower and delayed.
  • An attempt to escape reality and also the search for solitude.


When intense grief, including feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness, lasts for many days to weeks and prevents us from living our own lives, it can be more than grief and depression. It can be clinical depression – a treatable medical condition.

To find out if you are depressed, you need to know if you have five or more of these symptoms for at least 2 weeks.

  • Depressed mood most of the day (sadness).
  • You feel tired or lack energy almost every day.
  • You feel worthless or guilty almost every day.
  • It’s hard to concentrate, slower and making bad decisions.
  • You can’t sleep, or rather too often. In general, sleep problems.
  • Practically every day you have almost no interest or other pleasure in any activities. You can’t rejoice.
  • You often think about death or suicide.
  • You feel restless, slow, or confused.
  • You have lost or gained weight due to an eating disorder, anorexia, or excessive appetite.
  • You often feel irritated and also anxious.
  • He lost pleasure and meaning in life.
  • You have sad, anxious, or empty feelings.
  • Nothing in your life makes sense and you have lost the desire to live.


First of all, I would like to tell you that there is no single cause that causes depression.

Even two different people do not have the same cause. Every person is different, they have a different life story, different experiences, a different path and therefore it is important to approach each person very individually.

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I will now share with you the most common and important causes of depression that cause this mental disorder. 

Depressive states come to a person as information that points to a deeper problem.

Somewhere in his life something doesn’t work, or he goes somewhere against himself, has no processed past, or suppresses his emotions and the like.

Therefore, it is always necessary to detect and work to eliminate the cause, because otherwise these conditions may keep coming back.

Therefore, don’t forget to read on to find out the real causes of depression.


No wonder there are more and more people in the world who suffer from depression, because as a society we live in a concrete jungle.

We exchanged trees, meadows, forests, nature for housing estates, houses, parking lots, shopping malls. We have lost contact with nature and thus with ourselves.

It’s a really big problem because nature has incredible power and strength. Nature heals, but we have given priority to technology, mobile phones, social networks, discos and we forget the most important thing – that is Mother Earth.

Hand on heart how often and for how long do you go to nature? Every day for at least two hours? I don’t mean going into nature with a cell phone in my hand or being distracted.

But I mean consciously being present here and now and merging with nature, listening to the singing of birds, the noise of trees, the flow of water, other animals, hugging trees, walking barefoot, enjoying staying in the sun spending time in nature in full presence.

If you start doing it regularly, something incredible will happen. Suddenly you start to heal, but this healing process will be different because it will be from the inside out, not the other way around.

On the one hand, you will train mindfulness (mindfulness – the present moment), but you will also let nature do what it does best. Sunshine and vitamin D are essential for our body and especially our health.

In nature, you will learn how to be more in touch with yourself, your emotions, your mind and your inner source. You will develop creativity and intuition, which is also a big problem and a cause of depression, but more on that in this article. You will ground yourself and gain incredibly strong energy and many other benefits.


Definitely the way to get rid of depression is to start spending more time in nature. Be fully present without phones and other electronics and the internet. Enjoy the gifts of nature that it offers us.

The best thing you can do is combine meditation and a stay in nature. You can meditate somewhere in a meadow, in a forest by the water, or you can meditate just while walking in nature, ideally barefoot.

Even scientific studies that show how staying in nature helps to improve and support our mental health and help with depression.

The researchers found that those who walked through nature had lower activity in the prefrontal cortex, the area of ​​the brain that is active during rumination, a condition where thoughts that are associated with negative emotions are repeated.

Further research shows what negative effects technology and other factors have on depression and how our well-being and health can have a positive effect on depression.


Your surroundings, the people you spend the most time with, have a greater impact on you than you think.

There is one rule that affects your whole life and that is: You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

Your habits, thoughts, behaviors, beliefs and beliefs, simply your whole life, depend on who you spend the most time with.

The biggest win is having people around you who make you believe in yourself and your own strength. People who inspire, motivate and support you to become the best version of yourself. This is the most important rule for success in life but also how to be happy, positive and cope with the pitfalls of life.

If you have the right people around you, then no depression or other mental problem can deprive you of your inner strength.

On the other hand, if you have people around you who do not believe in you, despise you, humiliate and ridicule you, rob you of energy, see everything in everything, constantly complain and so on, then these depressive states can create and deepen in you .

The more time you spend with these people, the more energy it will cost you. You can hardly get out of depression if you have such negative people around you. They will pull you down, and the more you resist, the more it will cost you your energy.


If you live in a sick society among people who are sick or constantly talking and complaining about their health, the world, their lives and are constantly dissatisfied, then sooner or later you will start to identify with it.

You may not even be conscious, but on a subconscious level – it affects your habits, thoughts, behaviors, feelings and other factors that create your reality.

The same is true if you spend time with positive, inspiring and supportive people, you will improve your quality of life.

You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with and your health, work, money, happiness, life satisfaction, personal growth, relationships and more. Therefore, pay attention to what people you have around you.

Researchers have found that the people and friends we spend our time with regularly also have a big impact on our happiness and satisfaction in life, and thus a direct impact on depression.


The environment in which you live, work and simply spend the most time also has a certain effect on how you feel and your mental state.

  • Where do you spend most of your day?
  • Is this your job?
  • Is this your home?
  • How do you feel at this place?
  • How does this place affect you?
  • What emotions and feelings does it evoke in you?
  • What memories does this place evoke in you?

Answer all these questions as they will help you figure out how your environment affects you. If this place evokes negative feelings, memories, stress, frustration or other negative feelings in you, then it is time to change it.

You need to adjust the place where you spend the most time every day, whether at home, work, or both, so that it evokes pleasant feelings in you and promotes mental well-being.

Sometimes it is necessary to change the environment in which we live or work, but that is fine.

You may no longer want to live in the city, but you want to live somewhere in the mountains, in nature. Or you no longer want to work in a noisy stressful office, but work from the comfort of your home, or somewhere in nature, or privately in an office with sea or mountain views.


When a person gets into a situation where he does not know himself, he does not know who he is or who he wants to be, or where he wants to measure, sooner or later it will somehow manifest itself.

This is the most common manifestation of depression, and my case is proof of that. 

This whole process of discovering who you are, who you want to be, and where you want to go is a matter of self-knowledge.

Self-knowledge is a lifelong journey of exploration through our inner selves, which seeks to find out who we are, our potential, our purpose in life, and what value principles lead us to different life paths and to different obstacles.

The journey will eventually lead us to self-knowledge, which will allow us to lead to situations and experiences in which we will prosper and grow.


Self-knowledge is an essential part of personal growth. We need to find time to find out who we are as a human being, but also as a soul and as a whole.

This is achieved through self-reflection. Self-reflection allows us to think and examine our actions, preferences, feelings, values, beliefs, emotions and thoughts.

Because we are all different in the way we think, feel, act, and learn to perceive the world, it is helpful to take the time to reflect on yourself to gain better insight.

For us, self-knowledge is a way to explore our individual and unique personality, naturalness, values, beliefs and much more. The ultimate goal of this journey of self-knowledge is to find out who we are and what makes us unique, but also what brings us happiness, joy and fills us.

If we are disconnected and do not know our values, we are not on the right track, we live someone else’s life, we do not know who we really are, who we want to be, what we want to do and we live in what fashion autopilot and we do things because they have to do and do them all, so we are absolutely deviated from our essence. Then we are unhappy, nothing in our lives makes sense, nothing works for us, life becomes difficult and eventually depression comes as information for inner change.


Losing the meaning of life or life mission is one of the most common causes of depression.

The meaning of life and the mission of life is something that gives meaning and meaning to our life. It is something that brings us joy, happiness, energy and a feeling of fulfillment.

If a person has no meaning in his life or loses it, then suddenly his whole world and life will fall. Suddenly, life ceases to make sense for such a person and he has no reason to live.

This is followed by depression and negative and dark thoughts, feelings of futility, boredom and more. All of this can lead to suicidal thoughts and tendencies. In this case, it is important to find a new meaning in life.

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Negative feelings, depression and other conditions caused by the loss of meaning and life mission can be overcome if we examine them sufficiently. These feelings and states, such as depression, try to show us the way.

Thanks to negative feelings, depression and other “mental disorders”, we can learn more about ourselves and our essence and discover life paths that will be in harmony with our hearts and souls.

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Goals give a meaning to our lives. Thanks to goals, we have a way in life that gives us experience and we can grow. Goals are one of the most important components for our mental and physical development. There is a very close link between depression and life goals.

A person who has no goals in life, does not know what he wants from life, who he wants to be or where he wants to go, often finds that he has leaned a ladder against the wrong door.

If you lean a ladder against someone else’s door, you will eventually find that you do not even live your life, but you live the life of someone else who does not bring you happiness, joy or a feeling of fulfillment. Such a person often finds that he is going in the wrong direction when he climbs the ladder up.

The problem is that these doors, which are not designed for you, cost you a lot of energy and you no longer have the strength or motivation to seek and set out on the path that is right for you, your soul and heart.

The result of such actions is often depression. A person feels without energy, nothing in his life makes sense and he falls into a state of depression.

Depression is a reflection of our inner state and, most importantly, it tries to stop us from thinking about our lives.

Over where we direct what we want from life, they have examined our values, our meaning in life, our goals, whether we are happy in life and feel joy and a sense of fulfillment or not.


If you want to control your life, you have to control your mind and especially your emotions. Negative emotions come to us so that we can transform them. Every negative emotion only shows us the direction and the way.

Emotions lead us on the path of self-knowledge. Emotions are an essential part of growth, because negative emotions allow us to grow and gain experience.

The secret is that you are not attracted to yourself and to your life by what you think, but by what you feel.

Everything is vibrating and you are attracted to the things you are in vibration with. Your vibrations are your feelings. Your feelings attract your experiences. Your health is a reflection of your mental state, which is created by your feelings.

Gaining control of your emotions will help you become mentally stronger.

All repressed emotions, traumas, past, inner pain will return to you unsteady and complicate your life until they are healed.

We also have article on: How to deal with trauma


If you want to learn to manage depression and fully recover, anxiety and other mental health problems, then you need to make changes at the level of body, mind and spirit.

You need to surface and process your repressed emotions that are trying to bring to light the world, you need to heal your inner traumas that are trying to relax and heal.

We need to change the attitudes and thinking we look at ourselves, society, our lives and the world. We need to increase our vibrations and free ourselves from fear.

Fear is the lowest vibration in this universe and love is the highest, but the choice is yours.


For all of us, certain and concrete values ​​are important in life. If someone relies on a single value, it becomes the meaning of his life.

For women, it is often the upbringing of children and for men it is a job. But what if we lose this value and thus lose the meaning of life?


If you do not have yourself in the first place in your life, you do not have hobbies and activities that bring you joy, happiness and feelings of fulfillment, you are not internally happy, then you can put your meaning in life in the outside world as a partner or the like.

This carries a lot of risk, because loss often comes with depression and other problems.

The only way is to find true happiness and it is hidden in you. Because happiness is just an inner state of your mind.

Find values, activities and a way of life or lifestyle that will make you happy, bring you joy and a feeling of fulfillment. And believe that your life will never be the same again.

For example, do children grow up and leave the house, or do we get fired or retire? Then it can happen to us that our whole life is going down and we can get depressed because we have lost our only value and meaning in life that has brought us joy, happiness and fulfilled us.


We live in a society where we are constantly told what to do, who or what we are to be, what our lives should look like. We live in a world of social networks such as facebook and instagram, where we are presented with an “ideal life” according to which most people try to live, or at least get closer to it.

All this leads to the loss of ourselves, our authenticity and uniqueness. We are simply not ourselves. We stop living our lives and we live someone else’s life. No one can be truly happy internally and long-term unless he is himself.

If a person is not himself and is not authentic, then he lives someone else’s life and thus goes against himself.

Nowadays, it is normal to suppress our free, authentic and unique selves.

At first glance, this may seem very pleasant, because people may like you, you can make more friends, maybe more money, or a better job.

Eventually you will be surrounded by external happiness, but internally you will be completely empty and dead.

As a result of such a life, when you have suppressed or lost yourself, depression may occur to make you realize that this life does not make you happy, does not fill you, does not bring you joy and leads to destruction.

You have to realize that each person is an original in itself. We are all perfect and unique just the way we are.

The fact that everyone is different makes us unique because there is no copy and we are all original.


All those photos and videos from social networks like facebook and instagram have nothing to do with reality. It’s just an illusion. But what do many people do?

If you try to get closer or achieve such a life and you do not succeed, it will only undermine your self-confidence and self-confidence. In the end, you may fall into depression because your life is not what you want it to be.

If you succeed and achieve such a life, depression can come again, because you are not internally happy and you do not live your life, but someone else’s life.

You have only become a copy and your soul and body will make it clear to you, for example, you will experience depression.

Therefore, you must discover your unique originality and let it manifest itself.


If you live a life that does not bring you joy, does not make you happy and does not fill you, then you gradually lose motivation, energy, meaning of life and you slowly get to the bottom, where depression comes. Your mental state is very closely connected with your mental well-being and overall happiness in life.

At every moment in life, we have a choice and we can choose who we want to be, what we want to do and what life we ​​will live.

If we are unhappy for a long time, our life does not bring us joy or a feeling of fulfillment, so we torment ourselves and go against ourselves.

Depression is also caused by a condition where you are not happy with where you are and who you are right now. The bigger the difference between where you are in life right now and where you want to be, the greater the risk of depression.

Maybe you do a job that you don’t like, you hate it, it doesn’t bring you joy, a feeling of fulfillment and it robs you of energy.

Maybe you’re in a relationship that’s not for you. Maybe you live someone else’s life. Or your lifestyle is not what you imagine.

It is even possible that you have no hobbies or that you “can’t” do what you want.


An important part of getting rid of depression is getting rid of all things and people in your life who:

  • They don’t work anymore
  • It doesn’t serve you
  • You don’t need to
  • They negatively affect your life
  • They don’t resonate with you
  • They ‘re damaging your life
  • It prevents you from growing
  • They don’t resonate with your journey
  • They reduce your personal vibrations

If you do, your life will get a whole new dimension and mainly you will make room for new things, people, opportunities in your life, You will simply start living a new life.

If you live a life that does not make you happy and does not bring you joy and a feeling of fulfillment, then it is high time to change it and get rid of depression.

You have your life in your hands. You may not be depressed, but believe me, if you live such a life, it is not out of the question and it is even very likely that you will sooner or later succumb to depression.


One of the biggest secrets of a happy life is living here and now. The art of being present is something that will help you improve your mental and physical health, be happier and happier in life, but also experience more joy and much more.

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Experiencing a full moment is a skill that helps us in life with stress, manage and overcome depression and other “mental disorders”, or prevent them.

If we fail to live here and now, our subconscious patterns of thought and behavior can have an adverse or even destructive effect on our lives in some situations.

It is the inability to consciously perceive the individual nuances of internal and external circumstances and therefore they become the cause of undesirable and negative emotions and stressful situations.

There are no problems in the present moment, it is a pure form of our being. The present moment is practically about inner peace, which is the best cure not only for depression, but also for all mental problems such as anxiety, stress, panic attacks and the like.


Depression also comes as a warning that you need to rest and relax. Let’s just admit that in today’s society, more and more demands are placed on us, not only for our professional life, but also for our personal or relationship relationships. Our brains are constantly exposed to new information, we are simply overwhelmed with information and distractions which causes stress.

If you go in life and you still don’t have time for yourself, relaxation, rest, then depression can occur as a warning to take a break.

Many people today do not have a balance between personal and professional life and believe me, I know what he was talking about, because I myself was an example and I went through such an experience and there is nothing pleasant.

If someone is suffering from depression, it is a message that they have to stop and take the inner path of self-knowledge.

Such a person should think about his life and slow down.

You need to rethink your life from all sides. You need to rethink your values, work, relationships, hobbies, life path and go inside and connect to your resource.

The outside world can be very exhausting and constantly occupies our minds, attention and causes brain overload, such as stress, so depressed states come to us to start drawing inner strength from the greatest source that is hidden within ourselves.


There are a number of factors that affect mental health, contribute to the onset and development of depressive disorder. Let’s look at and analyze the most important factors to focus on so that healing can take place.

  • Spend more time in nature – nature supplies us with energy, groundes, regenerates and heals. Nature also connects us with his source and intuition. Even scientific and medical studies confirm the positive effect of a regular stay in nature in the treatment of depression. We recommend meditating in nature, connecting with dreams, walking barefoot and grounding, practicing mindfulness, breathing deeply and performing breathing exercises, sports and much more. Everyone who suffers from depression should spend an hour or two a day in nature.
  • Stress – Long-term (chronic) stress burdens our body and mind. It contributes to the change of biochemistry and hormonal balance, which can lead to the development and development of depression and also worsen its symptoms. It is important to learn how to get rid of stress with this, for example meditation, mindfulness, breathing techniques, relaxation, relaxation and meditation music, nature walks, sports and more will help you. problem.
  • Lifestyle change – Changing the overall lifestyle is essential for the treatment of depression. It is not possible to achieve lasting results without a profound change in lifestyle. Lifestyle change includes factors such as diet, drinking regime, stress, staying in nature, staying in the sun (vitamin D), sports and physical activities, hardening, sleep quality and much more. It is not just a change in lifestyle, but also a change in habit. Replace habits that harm your life and health and replace them with habits that will benefit you such as meditation, breathing methods, morning cold showers, regular exercise (sports), detoxification, fasting and much more. Scientific and medical studies confirm the positive effect of meditation, yoga, qigong on depression.
  • Set goals in life – Goals give direction to our lives and move us forward. If we do not grow and move forward, we stagnate. With long-term stagnation, we may begin to show depression. That is why it is important to set one’s goals in life in all seven areas of life. Then write down these goals and create strategies to meet them.
  • Finding the meaning of life and the mission of life – Do you know your mission? Do you have a purpose in life? We often get to the stage where nothing makes sense in our lives. At that moment, there is room for the development of depression. Sometimes it can be job loss, the end of a relationship and so on. Find your mission and your meaning in life and embark on this journey of life and remember never take no as an answer. If there is something you love, go for it and find a way to implement it and never take it as an answer.
  • Change the environment in which you live – The environment and the environment in which you live affects you in a very significant way, more than you think. Don’t forget the golden rule – you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. These people affect your life in all its areas. They affect how you think, what you do, you decide, your habits, where your attention goes and your whole life. The same goes for the environment where you live and spend the most time. Does the environment where you spend most of your time support your well-being? Do you feel good there? Or is it stressing you and feeling bad there?
  • Live here and now – Most people live in past or future. They are constantly dissecting what happened, as it was, and they are simply still dealing with and drawing on the past. Another part of the people is constantly living in the future and they are still pursuing something in the future and forget to live here and now. Life is here and now, so why avoid it and run away from it.
  • Heal your past – Pain, repressed negative emotions and memories seep from the past into our lives and affect our lives. They affect our minds, how we feel and how we act and make decisions. Often the past keeps us down and prevents us from growing, developing our unlimited potential and achieving our dreams and goals. Therefore, you need to heal your past. traumas strong negative experiences, release your emotions and start living a happy and free life.
  • Learn to control your mind – If you want to change your life, you must first change your mind. If you want to control your life, you have to control your mind. This is the absolute basis for creating your own reality. Mind control involves learning to manage negative thoughts, doubts, stress, fears, being able to manage your emotions, and learning to work with your attention.
  • Authenticity and happiness – Do you live a truly authentic life? Are you yourself Are you living your life or the life of someone else? Are you happy in your life? Answer these questions. Everywhere we hear what we should do, who we should be, what we should buy, how we should behave, how we should dress and so on. Nowadays, it seems to me that everyone knows everything better than we do. We often try to please others, we do it for others, we try to thank them so that they like us and so on. And finally, we completely forget about ourselves. Even in this way, depression can manifest and show us that we are not happy, authentic and do not live our lives.
  • Self-knowledge – This is another important part of our lives. Self-knowledge is the foundation of our lives because it helps us discover and develop our unlimited inner potential. It helps us to define our strengths that need to be developed and also to define our weaknesses and shortcomings that need to be accepted. This is again linked to self-love, when it is important to accept and learn to love as we are. Discover yourself, find out who you are, who you want to be and where you want to go? It will help you discover your way of life, where you can realize yourself and experience true inner happiness, joy and a feeling of fulfillment. When you do, depression has no chance and healing occurs.
  • Follow your heart – In today’s society, too often we make decisions. We forget our true essence of our source and that is the heart – our passions, desires and inner fulfillment. Quite often in my practice I come across clients who do work that they do not enjoy, they do it for money, they stay in a relationship that does not work, is toxic and thus they are against themselves. They suffer internally and their souls (hearts) weep. Over time, these people may develop depression and sometimes worse health problems such as cancer and autoimmune diseases.
  • Harmony in life – Another important part is the balance between personal and professional life. It is necessary to be able to separate your work from personal life. Great mental exhaustion can also contribute to depression. Therefore, it is necessary to rest enough, relax and have enough quality sleep. It is necessary to have enough social contact, time for yourself (hobbies, interests, relaxation, rest, etc.), work separate from your personal life and have space for mental hygiene (meditation and more). One study states that loneliness and low social contact cause older people to develop depression.

Of course, that’s not all, because there are many factors and options that need to be addressed in order to achieve a lasting cure for depression. For example, other factors are the balance of male and female energy, self-love, self-confidence and other factors that also need to be addressed.

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