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Complete Guide: How to be Happy


There is no one-size-fits-all guide to being happy for everyone on this planet. But there are certain steps and principles that lead to happiness and a happy life.

This article contains a complete guide to achieving happiness, which is guaranteed to help you achieve a happy and contented life in all directions.

Let’s show these steps and principles and start applying them in our lives. By understanding these principles and introducing them into your life, you will begin to experience true inner happiness.

How to be happy

If you want to be really happy, first of all you have to understand what happiness is. You have to understand its essence.

Many people try to find happiness, but the truth is that happiness cannot be found.

Happiness is not something that exists out there in the outside world, and therefore many people are not happy because they do not understand the true nature of happiness and seek it in the outside world.

First of all, you have to start with yourself. That happiness is also very closely connected with the relationship to yourself and how you perceive your life.

You have to learn to enjoy your life in the present as it is here and now, because that is one of the main pillars of how to be happy.

You will also find steps and instructions on how to use the various elements and techniques to develop your inner happiness.

What is happiness?

Happiness is a state, not a quality. Anyone in the world can be happy, it is not something that is intended only for the chosen ones.

True happiness is an inner state or state of mind. It doesn’t matter what external factors and the world around you do, because really happiness comes from within. It is an inner experience of its true essence of being.

Happiness means living in balance and harmony with ourself and thus in its essence with the whole universe. It is an opportunity to fully manifest in its uniqueness and create.

Happiness is a way, not a goal. Many people looking for him somewhere outside, for example, expect that with money, wealth, material possessions, or success, happiness will come and this state will stick to them for the rest of their lives.

Eventually, however, he finds that it has nothing to do with real happiness. In fact, many people become addicted to success, wealth, and money because it gives them the false illusion of happiness.

They are always happy for a while, that they have achieved a goal, a success, that they have gained something in life, but after a while they are again dissatisfied and unhappy and seek their happiness in other goods of the material world.

They do not realize at all that true happiness comes from within and a few basic pillars of happiness.

The basic pillars of happiness are:

  • Happiness is the direction of life and the path, not the place, object, or goal. You have to start seeing happiness as a way and not as a goal.
  • No success in the future means that you will be extremely happy
  • Happiness cannot be bought, nor can it be found in anything material. It also cannot be found in the outside world.
  • True happiness is an inner state of mind and comes from within.
  • No relationship guarantees real happiness.
  • Happiness is experiencing the present moment here and now. You must learn to fully enjoy life in the present.
  • Being happy means being yourself. You need to discover yourself who you really are, who you want to be, and where you want to go.
  • Being happy also means doing what you enjoy and fulfills. You have to discover the meaning of your life and follow your life mission.

Being yourself is the first step to being happy

One of the main steps to being happy is to be yourself in all circumstances. Nowadays, it is not unusual or difficult to slip into a phase where one is not themself and lives someone else’s life.

A typical example can be compromises in a relationship, or we try to owe someone, for example, our partner, and thus we begin to live the life of someone else, in this case the life of our partner.

If a person does not live his life and is not himself, then there is a great contradiction between who really is in essence being and how we present ourselves externally.

Our daily lives consist of absorbing unrealistic and excessively high expectations from various media about what we should look like, how we should be, what our relationships should look like, and even what we should do with our sexual partners.

Sometimes it even goes to extremes, such as what we should think or how we should feel.

No wonder our profiles on social networks like facebook or instagram are just presentations of what we think we should be, not a reflection of who we really are.

We just try to fit in, be popular and accepted by other people and society because we are programmed that no one would like us for who we really are. How do you want to be happy when you’re not yourself?

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Why be yourself?

Who is not himself suffers internally and their souls suffer, because who he is and what he does is at odds with his heart (soul).

In the end, this is our true inner true self trying to surface. That is why we cannot transform ourselves forever, and in a long-term relationship we will always show our true face in the end.

Sometimes we don’t even realize that we are not ourselves and that is how we bother ourselves.

We literally go against ourselves and in the end it can be reflected in a form of illness such as depression or cancer.

So how to be yourself?

First of all, we have to free ourselves from all the labels we have received from our surroundings as if we are not good enough, we have to do this and that, we have to be this and that, we have to be kind and obedient, so that our surroundings accept us and love us and so on.

All these stickers say nothing about us or our lives. No one can know better than you who you are, who you want to be, what you want to do and where you want to go.

The second step is to accept yourself as you are. That means accepting yourself and your shortcomings, mistakes, and your whole dark side. Accept everything – all the shortcomings that relate to your appearance, character, quality and your whole being.

The last step is to focus on your heart. Your desires and passions show you the direction and the way to be happy and yourself. Find a way that will bring you joy and energy, make you happy and make sense to you. If you find this way, never take no as an answer.

You can also use meditation and internally connect to your heart, where you will find all the answers you need to know. All you have to do is ask in meditation and wait for the answer to come, which may come right away or it may take a while. It can come in the form of an idea, an image, or any other form.

Gratitude as a way to a happier life

There is a direct link between happiness and gratitude. Expressing gratitude brings happiness to those who experience feelings of gratitude and thank you.

The more someone is grateful or feels this extremely strong emotion of gratitude, the less time and space there is to negative thoughts.

Gratitude is an attitude and way of life that has proven to have many benefits in terms of health, happiness, satisfaction with life and the quality of our relationships.

It goes hand in hand with mindfulness in terms of the present moment, recognition and focus on what we already have here and now, rather than on what we do not have, where we are not, and generally on scarcity and negative stalls.

Feeling and expressing gratitude turns our mental focus to positive, which compensates for our brain’s natural tendency to focus on threats, worries, and negative aspects of life.

Gratitude as such creates positive emotions such as joy, love and contentment, and even research shows that it can cancel out mental attention focused on negative emotions such as anxiety.

Promoting gratitude can also expand your thinking and create positive cycles of thinking and behaving in healthy and positive ways.

We must begin to be grateful for what we have and stop taking things for granted, because gratitude is the key that unlocks our happiness.

Gratitude is the way to be happy

As we learned at the beginning of this article, happiness is an inner state of mind that we can create with the help of positive emotions and gratitude is one of them and moreover it is very powerful.

It is very easy to forget what we have, mainly because we want more, which is perfectly fine, but we tend to take everything for granted, such as our health, and we start to realize it only when we are not feeling well or getting sick. .

We always have a choice, to be grateful or to be ungrateful for what we have, it is again our choice. Happiness is a choice because we all take care of our lives and we can choose to live the way we want.

It is best to practice gratitude in the morning as soon as you wake up and in the evening before you go to bed, when you will keep a diary of gratitude.

That means you write down at least three things every night that you are grateful for the past day.

You can also just start by saying, “Thank you, I’m still alive,” thank you for everything I have in my life, and mentally go through the list of things you can be grateful for.

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It is important that you create a feeling of gratitude and not only do you say “thank you”, you have to feel grateful, the feeling of gratitude must be sincere and come from the heart.

Start today with gratitude

I practice gratitude mainly during the day, for example, if something goes wrong, I see something beautiful, or something unpleasant comes up, the problem is an obstacle, I am grateful that the universe shows me the way and I have the opportunity to grow.

But also that I am on my way that fulfills me and makes me happy or when I reach a goal.

Are we used to complaining a lot when things don’t go the way we want, but when things go the way we want, do we spend the same amount of time being grateful? Probably not, so start practicing gratitude.

I suggest you stop reading right now and start thinking deeply about something you can be grateful for right now and start creating a sense of gratitude. Once you have created it, you can easily recall it at any time.

The meaning of life and the mission of life as a way to happiness

Happy people enjoy their work. They do not work for money or fame, but for the inner satisfaction that this work brings them.

Those who are stuck in a vacant job where they are very well paid, or famous, or both, will soon find that this is not the way to happiness.

Although you are rewarded for your skills, realize that money is just one aspect of job satisfaction. If your work does not fill you internally, it does not bring you joy, happiness and energy, then there is a problem somewhere.

Do a job or career that you enjoy and fulfills, because that’s the way to be happy in life and live a happy life.

If you are not respected at work, find a satisfying job that you enjoy; I assure you that there are always many ways to do what you enjoy and fulfill.

Today, there are so many options and ways available that were not possible a few years ago.

Many people waste their best years making money for their families, paying bills, mortgages, debt while pushing their passion to the forefront.

Your happiness is one of the top priorities. If you don’t do what you enjoy and fulfills, you don’t live internally.

Who does work only for money, success and fame does not live. Such a person died internally.

They killed something in himself and that is their desire, passion, his heart and soul dies.

Discover the purpose and meaning of your life. Give your life meaning

What is your purpose? What makes your life meaningful? If you are unsure, then it is in your best interest to find out as soon as possible before it is too late. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What gives my life the most meaning and purpose?
  • What is my passion and desire? What gets me out of bed every day?
  • What are my strengths / weaknesses? What do they tell me about my purpose?
  • If I have meaning and purpose in life, am I trying to actively involve it? If not, what keeps me back or stands in my way?

Present moment here and now

As I began to live the present, I began to feel happier.

As I strived for happiness in life, I waited for something to happen, so most of the time I focused on the future and sometimes even the past, regretting things I had done or not done.

Mostly my mind was absolutely busy and somewhere out of presence, I was doing something physically, but I was somewhere else in my mind.

Basically, I was constantly busy creating plans and achieving goals. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good to have plans and goals, but I forgot to live the present.

It was really stressful and my level of concentration was very low because I wasn’t used to concentrating on the things I was doing and my mind was wild and shattered.

Then, after a long time, I realized that if I waited for something to happen, I would achieve something, I would be someone, I would get somewhere, and so on, I would just wait my whole life and life would run through my fingers.

I realized the importance of living in the present here and now if I want to live a happy life.

I also started meditating more, because meditation is one of the best tools to get to the present moment and be here and now.

What happened when I controlled the present moment

When I started living in the present, I managed to control my mind and finally began to feel happy. Happiness comes from within and we have to work on our happiness every day.

I have learned that if I learn to control my mind, I can control my life.
It all depends on us because we all have freedom of choice, we can live the present and feel happy and have our mind under control, or we can let our mind control our lives.

Normally we do not even realize that happiness is possible only in the present moment, so we must be happy in this right moment.

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Living in the present means being aware of what we are doing at the moment, starting to focus on every little thing we do, but also on how we feel and what our thoughts are.

This means that the mind and the body do the same, they are interconnected. In this way, we realize what is happening inside our minds and around us.

Relationship with ourself and self-love

Self-love is another key element that is very closely associated with happiness. The problem is that too often love for one’s person is considered selfish. It is necessary to get rid of this belief because it will limit you in life.

The key to loving yourself is to get rid of your shortcomings and see that these are the qualities that make you different from others.

The key to being happy is to love yourself and believe in yourself, in your ability to be who I am.

It means stepping out of comfort and believing that you can do anything in the world, even if you may think you can’t.

In the end, exactly the things that challenge you to action will appear in your life and you will gain incredible motivation for your life journey.

You can handle this journey, because if you follow your passion and your desires, there are very few ways that can stop you on your journey. Your heart will push you into action, you will be internally motivated and eventually you will achieve happiness because you are on the right track.

You will find resources, you will try new things, you will meet people who will help you achieve your dreams.

There are two kinds of people in life. One group will support and push you and the other will knock you down and destroy you.

There are people who will manipulate you and bring you to your knees, use you and rob you of energy.

Don’t let these people in your life slow you down or try to discourage you.

Ideally, release these people from your life.

Keep those people in your life who constantly push, inspire and support you to achieve your dreams.

How to be happy and why self-love

The only person you can really count on is you. But if you fill your life with people who will inspire you and open your mind and heart, you will be much happier. You will also learn to love yourself and be able to rely on yourself.

Stop doubting yourself and making excuses. The moment you stop making excuses, you will not look for mistakes in others and seek confirmation and approval of your path, your opinions and the like from others, so you will be happy and successful.

Self-love and a relationship with yourself is the basis for your other relationships.

The way you treat yourself, you will treat others and then others will treat you the same.

That’s why you have to heal your relationship and start cultivating self-love.

If you can’t be happy when you’re alone without any person next to you, then you can never be really happy, even in a relationship.

You must first learn to live with yourself and be happy without the presence of any other person next to you.

You have to accept yourself as you are with your dark sides. Then you can be happy with yourself and discover real inner happiness.

You have to understand that no one in the world can make you happy alone.

Relationship and self-love are the key to this.

Happiness as a way

There is no way to happiness, because happiness is the way. Life can sometimes seem like an effort to achieve happiness. We often hear the frayed phrase, “As soon as I find my soulmate, I will be happy” or “If I get the job, I will be happy” or “Once I earn this or that income, then I will be happy.” but from the outside world.

It’s not real, it’s just an illusion that has nothing to do with true and real happiness.

People who say these sentences may be “happy” for a while after achieving a certain result, but in the end they are where they were before they reached their goal.

What will such a person do next? He begins to seek happiness in another goal he can achieve.

Eventually, such a person becomes dependent on achieving goals. But he will never know true happiness. He’s just chasing the illusion of happiness.

Everything is due to the fact that real happiness is not about the goal, but about the path.

The best way to be happy is to find a way of life that will fulfill you, bring you joy and make you happy.

You have to discover the meaning of your life and start fulfilling your life mission, because that is the best way to be happy.

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