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5 reasons why diets don’t work


Today, there are almost 200,000 diets, and every day a new diet appears in a magazine or on the web or any media. As many as 98% of those on a lean diet regain the weight they lost in one year. So, why do diets not work?

Diets are (so far) divided into three categories:

  • Diets based on reductions in total calorie intake, using calorie tables and writing down foods consumed.
  • Diets that eliminate (or significantly reduce) certain groups of macronutrients (for example: low fat, low carb, Atkins, Keto, etc.)
  • Diets that limit the time it can be eaten (for example: interrupted fasting)

For many years, the Mediterranean diet has been considered the most successful diet in the world. Why? Probably because it’s not a diet, but it’s basically a lifestyle.

So I have to make it clear from the beginning that not every diet are same.

What exactly is a diet?

The definition of diet has changed over the last few decades. In the past, its expressed what a living being eats to keep it alive. Today, for many, it is more of an idea of ​​suffering and mental hardship.

When you’re on a diet or just trying to watch to lose some extra pounds, your mind changes. This so-called dietary mentality affects your view of the body and food, but also the way you receive your own personality – it is therefore a reflection of the complex body, mind and spirit.

Therefore, it can be very dangerous. Because of it, you lose money, time and energy, and often, unfortunately, you also lose self-esteem and common sense.

5 reasons why diets don’t work


Like it or not, it’s true. The way you think about food, how you relate to it, how you feel about food or what emotions you have about food have a huge impact on how you eat, how you feel and how you look.

Believe me, as long as you take food as an enemy, you will still feel that it is against you.

You have to stop competing with food and get to his side. If you do not compare your own inner approach to food as such, nothing will change.

That’s why you need to start in your head. Whether you want to eat healthier, have more energy, or finally lose weight and maintain weight, you need to start thinking about food more positively, taking it as a partner.

As something that supplies your body with energy, nutrients and all the important substances so that it can function properly and for a long time. The food is just buddy!

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You know it! It was too late yesterday. And in this situation, this is doubly true.

When we decide that we want to change something or maybe lose weight, we want it now.

And we also want to see the results now. Therefore, most people prefer some more drastic version of the diet, which promises miracles in a short time.

After all, it is much easier to last a few weeks than to change your habits for life.

But that is the problem. All diets, restrictions and nutritional guidelines work only for a short time.

You may lose some pounds thanks to them, but you will definitely not learn to think about food, so once you return to your regimen, you are back where you were. In the beginning! Plus. All of these ways, where even whole groups of foods are planted or your daily caloric intake is set very low, will just cause your body to enter a saving mode, slow down your metabolism, start burning your muscles instead of fat, and then, as a bonus, you will gain some more pounds on top. Is that how you imagined it?


You just won’t fool this. You may have heard somewhere that if you want to lose some pounds and if your diet is to be effective, you need to run into a caloric deficit, which practically means that your caloric intake must be less than your expenditure.

In other words, you have to expend more energy than you receive (eat) in the form of food. This equation just always works! So just because you drop carbs (or gluten, milk, etc.) or just eat in some time window doesn’t mean you lose weight automatically.

Sometimes the opposite can even happen. If you completely eliminate carbohydrates (such as the Low Carb diet or the keto diet), there is no need to supplement with protein and fat. But fats have twice as much energy as carbohydrates, they don’t say they don’t satisfy you that much. So you can easily eat more than you should.

Another unfortunate aspect is the fact that you will lack enough fiber in your diet, which is important not only for weight loss, but above all it is essential for your digestion and intestines.

Not to mention the inconvenience associated with excess protein in the diet, which puts a significant strain on the kidneys and can result in health complications.

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Hand in hand with the previous two points, there are also common tastes that can occur to you if you absolutely exclude certain foods from your diet or your daily food intake is too low. It’s quite logical.

Your body just needs energy, and the one who needs a fair amount of energy in the form of sugar is your brain.

But when you have an unbalanced diet and you have little, your brain starts to report the need for sugar.

And at that moment, they probably won’t advise you to have a healthy snack full of complex carbohydrates, proteins and fiber.

Your brain will scream at you that it wants sugar right away. Then, in such situations, you automatically reach for something sweet and unhealthy.

Of course, fluctuations in blood sugar levels are also related to this.

The supply of fast sugar will cause more insulin to flush out, which will push the blood sugar very low again, which in turn will start your body reporting sugar so that the level will equalize.

And again, you are in a vicious circle where your blood sugar jumps here and there and you still have a taste for something.


This should be your mantra. No diet takes into account your individual needs, your daily routine, your rituals, dietary preferences and appetites, work commitment, physical activity, need for sleep and more.

The only way to lasting success and freedom in food is through a natural way of eating and a balanced and full diet that will suit you.

But even if a nutritionist assembles it for you or you order boxes for a few weeks, it may not be the way to success.

The threat of what will happen when you return to your captured dormitories will still be waiting for you. You know your body best.

And when you understand how your body works and what it needs, you learn to give it to it and you don’t forbid anything, you win.

Now it’s up to you whether you bet on a guaranteed diet next time, or decide to go the natural way and change things once and for all. And you don’t have to be alone at all.

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