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How to live more eco-friendly? Small steps for the big world!


Would you like to live more eco-friendly? Give something back to our planet? ✔️ We will advise you on how to start and persevere. More and more people are aware of this, come with us. Do the maximum for our nature. Shall we give it?

How to start thinking ecologically?

If you have also decided to behave more environmentally friendly in the new year, we have daily tips on how to achieve this. Some tips are easy, others deserve their time. Anyway, somewhere you have to start, and if you take at least some advice to heart, we will be grateful. And not only us!

Are you looking for a way to live more eco-friendly? You’re in right place. Think about the way you live. What of the procedures and things you have at home you really need. And that can be replaced or improved to reduce the impact on our planet. Maybe now you’re wondering why I would do that? But if everyone says so, nothing will change. Someone has to start first. Will it be you?

Take a look at some tips that can help you find a way to live more environmentally friendly.

1. Garbage

We don’t think about it often, but do we really need dozens of bags a day? Don’t buy more and more plastic bags. After all, you can replace them with a fabric that will last for ages. And in the store, skip buying fruits and vegetables in a plastic bag. Here, too, we can replace the bags with a reusable cloth bag.

Did you know that 1 trillion plastic bags are produced annually in the world? And by consuming microtene bags, we are approaching 100 billion used bags in Europe every year. Terrible number, what do you say?

Definitely sort the plastic or paper honestly. Although it’s a few steps away to the container, it’s worth it! Simply compose as easily as possible and sort the rest into the right containers

When buying, try to bet on your own food containers. From boxes to fabric bags.

2. Lighting

“Turn it off!” Our mothers warned us as we left the room. The rule is, shine only where it is really needed. Think about it, are you doing it?

And when you’re already shining somewhere, try replacing the old “heat balls” and bet on LED lighting. According to experts, it will save up to 50% of energy. And it pays off, what do you think?

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During the day, then pull out the blinds, open the curtains and in the evening, rest, dim the light and enjoy relaxation.

white spiral light bulb on yellow surface

3. Save water

There is a lot that can be done at this point as well. You may not like it, but try to dampen the water flow. Rinse quickly and efficiently. The dishwasher will also help you save water, but it will pay off in a larger family.

What to focus on when trying to save?

a) Toilet cistern – the minimum you can do is double the flushing intensity system. It costs a few crowns, implementation is easy and the savings – huge!

b) Dishwasher – a fully filled newer dishwasher washes dishes with less water consumption than washing the same amount of dishes in the sink. But if you are alone or in two, it relatively loses its meaning, because you would have to have dozens of plates, cutlery and the savings would not be like that.

c) Showering – try it quickly, without unnecessary water flow. Did you know that showering saves up to 2/3 of the water compared to a fully filled bath in the bathtub? It will also please your wallet.

d) Rainwater – this advice applies to those who live in a family house. Try to think about using raindrops. It is suitable for watering the garden, for filling the pool or as water for flushing the toilet.

4. Household cleaning

Every woman knows that. Foam and scrub properly. Of course, even here we can do something for our nature. Use ecological cleaners or make your own for cleaning. You already have most of them at home and you don’t even know it. So what to use for cleaning instead of industrial chemistry?

Our tips:

a) Baking soda or baking powder – thanks to its composition, it acts, for example, against grease. They can therefore be used as a gentle detergent, which at the same time does not damage the skin of the hands.

b) Lemon juice – recommended as a natural bleach, prevents the growth of mold, removes odors and stains. You will appreciate this not only when washing clothes.

c) Salt – salt crystals will help with scrubbing dishes. Salt grains act like “sand” and replace detergents that contain chemical “crystals”.

d) Vinegar – a comprehensive helper at the end. The perfect replacement for a chemical toilet cleaner, it removes deposits and limescale. Vinegar is also great for cleaning waste or bathrooms.

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So you see, there is no need to buy expensive cleaners. You already have most effective cleaners at home. And if not, buy it

at the drugstore. We also pick up sponges, cloths and other cleaning aids every day. These are mostly made of plastic and paper. Do you know that you can easily replace them with natural materials and fabric? Even garbage bags have several ecological variants. Do you think it wouldn’t be worth it?

5. Washing

Quality A +++ washing machine, sufficient load and special programs. This is just the basis for organic washing. Always fill the washing machine to the maximum and use vinegar instead of chemicals, fragrant oils instead of fabric softener and baking soda with soap shavings instead of powder.

6. Cosmetics

Even when choosing cosmetics, think about whether you need it 100%. At the same time, focus on the composition and check it honestly. Try replacing your cosmetics with natural cosmetics or try natural skin care oils. Your wallet knows it too.

7. Hygiene

Do you have a bathtub at home? And do you fill it every day? Please think. Take a shower instead of bath. Do not run water when brushing your teeth. Use a cup, for example. And if your faucet drips, have it fixed as soon as possible.

8. Use the menstrual cup

Instead of bleached pads and tampons, bet on the ecological variant in the form of washable textile pads, menstrual cup or novelty in the form of menstrual panties. Everything is completely hygienic, proven and most importantly, ecological.

9. Cooking

If you cook regularly, use a lid when cooking. Always adjust the hob to the pot. And if you have an electric hob, use the heat that radiates from the hob for minutes after cooking.

10. Paper

Often we don’t even realize it, but how many tons of leaflets a day end up in the trash. Limit their subscription, try to replace printed periodicals with those in online form. Nowadays, on the Internet, you will find everything clearly there. And you will save nature even more. Have invoices sent by email instead of to your inbox. And when something arrives, use the blue container honestly.

11. Compost

We still have a lot of leftovers at home. From cooking, sweetening or from vegetable slices. Did you know that up to a third of all food in the world is thrown away? It costs up to 33 kg of food per capita per year. What’s more, biowaste accounts for 40-60% of total municipal waste. So why not use it.

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If you don’t have a garden and you don’t know where the brown trash can is located in the area, try betting on a composter. Just place it in the courtyard or on the lawn in front of the house, in agreement with the city or landowners.

photo of leaves and fruits on black surface

I personally recommend, think about everything at the outset. Definitely don’t apply everything right away, you could get lost in it. So, take small steps. Every small change in your home makes sense. And maybe you came up with more tips and tricks.

Every green deed makes sense! Maybe you approach your surroundings with your approach. And the more we change our approach, the more we will do for our planet.


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