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Popular Gender Reveal Ideas


When a couple is expecting a baby, everyone wants to know the gender.

A lot of my friends have been having babies recently and are throwing gender reveal parties. Some of these ideas are more elaborate than others but they all seem fun!

Balloon drop

A balloon drop is one of the most popular ways to reveal your baby’s gender. You can buy a giant balloon that you fill with pink or blue balloons (depending on what you’re having). Then you pop it open to reveal the color! This reminds me of New Years Eve!

Colorful dessert

If you love desserts then this would be a fun way to find out if your baby is going to be a boy or girl. There are ways that bakeries can make the inside pink or blue so no one knows until they bite into it! You could make cut them open at the party to show everyone what color cake is inside! This seems like something I would do at my party because I love dessert and this seems like a great excuse for cake!

Balloon and confetti popper

This idea is similar to the balloon drop except when someone opens their confetti popper, there will be either pink or blue confetti instead of regular colored confetti. It looks like such an exciting way to find out what your baby’s gender will be! There are also lots of different sized options for how big you want your poppers to be depending on how many people are at your party!

Paint the room pink or blue.

Painting the room the same color as the baby’s gender is a simple, easy way to start your gender reveal. Of course, you could also choose to paint it in a neutral color that will match most nursery colors, but if you’re looking for something more exciting (or if you want your baby’s nursery to be all about them), painting one wall pink or blue is an idea that will get people talking!

Paint colors can be tricky—and expensive—so make sure before you do anything that your favorite shade is available in this exact formula. If not, try mixing different colors together until they create the perfect hue; just make sure when shopping for paints that they are water-based and safe for use around pets or children!

Box with pink or blue contents

Give each guest a box / gift with a neutral packaging, inside it will be revealed. Wrap inside a pink or blue toy or other object, or a cake.

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Decorate the whole house or just the bedroom

This method of celebration is more widespread in US, when the parents decorate the whole house in the color of the gender of the future baby. If you find it too childish, you don’t have to decorate the whole house, but just the bedroom. You can prepare a surprise just for your husband, you can also prepare a colored bath or just a candle. You can decorate the house with balloons, bows, placemats, pillows, cakes or buy a pink, blue or green aperitif.

Engage pets

Do you have a dog, cat or ferret at home? Give them a card with an inscription or the appropriate color for their collar. Or decorate them with a colored bow. Abroad, they dress their pets in colorful clothes, but that seems too much to me.

Ultrasound at home

If you have the nerve, order a private ultrasound lab technician to come to your house. Invite your closest family and friends to watch your baby’s gender reveal almost live. After the examination, celebrate with a blue and pink aperitif, drink and refreshments.

Betting competition

Upon arrival at the party, tell each guest to cast their vote on the ornate board to the girl or boy by making an “X” in the column for the girl or boy. When the time is right, open the sealed envelope with your partner and shout out your baby’s gender. All guests who have chosen the right gender win a gift.

Original photo

If your parents and acquaintances live far away or don’t want to have a big party, the announcement can be interesting anyway. Write the word boy or girl in the sand and take a picture of it, don’t forget to document your growing belly as well. Or wrap your belly with a pink or blue bow, or buy a maternity colored T-shirt. If you already have children, take a picture of them with a balloon in the given color and add, for example, “big sister, big brother”.


The important thing to remember when planning your gender reveal is to have fun. This is a special time for you and your family and it should be about sharing the joy of having a baby, as well as creating memories that you can look back on fondly in the future. The perfect gender reveal will depend on your budget, how many people you want to invite, and what kinds of activities they enjoy doing together – but there are so many options out there! Whether it’s an elaborate party with food or just a quiet moment alone with your partner while they open a gift box containing colored balloons.

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