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30 Tips how to lose weight


Losing weight bothers us from time to time. Someone more, someone less. For everyone, the possibilities of losing weight are different – both in terms of time and other options. But definitely do not despair, you too can lose weight, and very easily. Just find the right way. Here you can read 30 tips on how to lose weight as quickly as possible.

30 tips on how to lose weight

1. Follow the drinking regime

Water is medicine. Follow a drinking regimen and you may soon feel as your body is being reborn. Your skin gets better color, speeds up metabolism and improves digestion, you will have more energy and vigor.

The healthiest way, of course, is to drink clean water. Discard carbonated and sweetened drinks that only give your body sugar addiction, nothing more. They have no added value. You can combine water with tea, kombucha or natural mineral water.

2. Treat yourself with quality coffee

Coffee is sometimes unnecessarily demonized. If you drink 2-3 cups of quality coffee a day, it can have great benefits for your body and fat burning.

Studies show that the caffeine contained in coffee can speed up metabolism by 3-11% and fat burning by 10-29%. The only scarecrow is a pile of sugar added to coffee. 

3. Drink green tea

This delicious drink is literally loaded with strong antioxidants called catechins, which have an effect on fat burning. Green tea can also act as a stimulant and can excite the body perfectly, increase concentration and improve mood.

4. Try intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is a style of eating. So it’s not a diet, but a lifestyle that you can gradually include in your regimen.

How does it all work?

This is a relatively simple and variable principle that you can so-called ear. We let the body starve and eat only in the designated window, which is designed for food consumption.

The goal of intermittent fasting is not to lose weight, even though it almost always occurs as a side effect, but to heal your body.

This regimen improves insulin sensitivity and increases growth hormone levels, resulting in higher fat burning and muscle building. At the same time, it supports cell regeneration, reduces the risk of heart disease and cholesterol levels.

Common patterns of intermittent fasting are:

16/8 (16 hours of fasting and an eight-hour window for food) – recommended for men 14/10 (14 hours of fasting and a ten-hour window for food) – recommended more for women

With the 16/8 model, you can skip breakfast and start your day with lunch at 11 am, followed (but not necessarily) by an afternoon snack and ending with dinner at 7 pm.

5. Limit hidden sugars

Try to focus on the diet you consume. Feel free to write down what you ate during the day for a few days. Sometimes it can happen that even if you move properly and try to eat healthy, the pounds do not disappear. You can have hidden sugars in your diet, which you like to disguise yourself in various drinks, dried fruit and the like.

6. Try a keto diet

Although the word “diet” is included in the title, it is again not a one-time change, but a lifestyle change. In any case, you don’t have to go to extremes. Reduce carbohydrates, add on quality fats and add protein. Or buy a keto diet to start with and gradually learn to reduce carbohydrates.

Treat yourself to a piece of quality chocolate, raspberries or blueberries or, for example, strawberries with whipped cream. The goal is to make your diet more quality fats than low quality carbs.

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Initially, try to eliminate a lot of sweet fruits (mango, pineapple and more), oatmeal, rice, pastries and sweets of all kinds. Eat quality foods high in fat and protein. These include, for example, homemade eggs, farmer’s meat, green vegetables, nuts, seeds and quality cheeses.

7. Shrink the plates

Yes, it is such a minor optical illusion, but very effective. Smaller plates mean smaller portions. Due to their size, you can literally line them up and you don’t have to regret eating a full plate. Of course, it is better if you put it together with vegetables, nuts, quality cheese, because french fries and fried cheese will not work.

8. Eat healthy

I’m sure you know for yourself. There are days when you can’t even breathe, let alone eat in peace. And it is precisely these situations that cause you to be hungry when you feel calm, when you feel like you will eat everything you find in the fridge.

In the worst case, you will stop at a fast food and uncontrollably “throw” an excessive amount of food into you, which will take away your energy, load the digestive system and create an unsightly tire around our body. Always have a healthy snack on hand for such moments. It can be basically anything – nuts, fruits, sliced ​​vegetables or even a piece of cheese.

9. Involve probiotics

Probiotics that contain Lactobacillus have been scientifically proven to reduce the amount of fat.

10. Spicy food

If you are not a lover of spicy food, try to change it. Or at least taste them occasionally. Chili peppers contain capsaicin, which is a spicy compound that can speed up metabolism and thus slightly reduce appetite.

11. Add cardio

Every movement is a benefit for your body. But if you include cardio sports, which are simply the ones you sweat, you burn excess calories much faster. The offer of such activities is large. You can try fast walking, running, cycling or dancing and much more.

12. Walk

It is said that walking is the most natural movement, because you involve all the muscles of the body at once. Make your walk a ritual! When you don’t have to, don’t drive, leave it parked in the garage. Do not use an elevator or escalators. Go. Make sure you walk at least 6,000 continuous walking steps a day. If you walk an average of 5 days a week, then you can lose 12 kg a year.

13. Treat yourself to quality sleep

Does it sound like stupid to you? Do you think that sleep is not related to weight loss at all? The opposite is true. Surrey University studies have shown that people who sleep less than 6 hours overnight do not lose weight. Why? Their metabolism works worse, the body cannot handle the proteins that are needed for muscle regeneration. At least 7 hours of sleep a day and you are moving towards a slimmer waist and a healthier body.

14. Consume fiber

Its biggest advantage is that it increases the feeling of satiety, which goes hand in hand, while reducing the feeling of hunger and blood cholesterol levels. Fiber binds water to itself and this causes swelling in the intestines. By gaining it in the gut, it can “clean up the mess” and take excess food or bacteria out of the body. Where to look for her? Especially in fruits, oatmeal, beans and nuts. Also in vegetables, other types of cereals and legumes. You can also buy it at the pharmacy as a dietary supplement.

15. Drink kefir

Have you tried home-made kefir? If not, let’s go.

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Homemade kefir has an incomparable taste with what you bought and it is also a wonderful protector of your health. In addition, its production is extremely simple, so that even a small child can handle it.

You need: 1 liter sealable glass, 1 liter of fresh milk (cow, goat or sheep), and kefir starter, which you can buy on the Internet or in a health food store.

And why kefir? Because it improves digestion and speeds up metabolism. It also helps to healthy the intestines, which strengthens the body’s immunity and overall health.

16. Eat only when you are hungry

We often eat out of boredom. And often, we don’t even notice that we are chewing at all. It’s just a bad habit. Eat to your heart’s content whenever you’re really hungry. Don’t overtake or eat goodies.

17. Eat more protein

Protein has been shown to be the most important nutrient for weight loss. One study showed that consuming 25% of daily calories in the form of protein reduced obsessive eating thoughts by 60% while halving the craving for snacks at night. That’s the plan, what do you say? Think of good sources of protein and indulge in it every day.

18. Chew slowly

Don’t eat in a hurry. When you hurry, you literally inhale food and it really takes a while for the body to digest it thoroughly. Try to make time for food, serve it nicely, put away your mobile phone, not watch TV or read a book. Bite each dish thoroughly, at least 30-50 times.

19. Eat in peace

Food is an intimate moment, a ritual, a ceremony. Ancient dietitians advised not to be disturbed by food. If we eat and watch television at the same time, the brain does not know what to do. Whether processing information from the screen or concentrating on the digestive process. As a result of this dilemma, the digestive process is disrupted and you eat more than necessary.

20. Be grateful

Yes, gratitude is very important. We realize that it is not a matter of course to have a full fridge of food, which we often throw away. Feel grateful for the food you can taste and prepare. Consume them with love and suddenly something will change.

21. Self-love and acceptance

The psyche can help with losing weight. If you bother with ugly words and exaggerated criticism when you look in the mirror, the body takes it for granted. In short, if you keep saying that you are fat, you will. The body responds to your stimuli, it thinks you want it. But when you change your tactics a little and slowly start to brag, your body will change as well.

22. Cleansing fasts

The older the body, the more clogged it is. Unfortunately, this is the case. We should take care of our body box so that it stays in full health for as long as possible. Sediments are formed in the bones, muscles, circulatory system of the lungs and intestines. This causes overweight.

Short and regular fasts are the healthiest way to lose extra pounds. In addition to promoting weight loss, they have another benefit. When we do not provide food to the body, it begins to feed on its own supplies, which hinder it the most. These are old cells, fibroids of various kinds and so on. By getting rid of fat, we cleanse the body and mind.

There are two main types of fasting:

  • Fasting with reduced consumption of animal fats and proteins
  • Full fast (1-10 days, according to your choice)

23. Drink water before meals

Drinking water while eating leads to a disorder of digestive performance and the hormonal system. Anyone who eats food in this way can really “get fat” from the water. Get used to drinking about 20 minutes before meals or 1-1.5 hours after meals.

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24. Do not eat empty calories

It is very interesting that ancient dietitians did not care about calories. It is a phenomenon of today. The main criterion for them was the information included in the food and how they affect the body. For example, an apple has the same amount of calories in winter and summer, but it is something else to eat it in the hot summer or cold winter. After eating the same food, we may feel different.

Going back to the apple – in winter, people usually tolerate apples worse. The body is cold and stomach pains may appear.

The apple contains information about summer, so the energy contained should refresh and saturate with moisture. This implies “seasonality”. Try to eat food at harvest time, exactly according to the rules of nature.

25. Don’t compare

This does not only apply to weight loss. We are each unique. No one is on our planet twice, so we can’t compare. For example, when two people weigh 60 kg, they may look completely different. Don’t compare yourself to instagram celebrities, or your skinny colleague, friend or sister. Be yourself.

26. Throw away scale

Daily weighing is stressful. Just the feeling that you have to step on it and you are afraid of what it will show. You don’t need to weight to lose weight! You will know if you have lost weight or not without it, for example on your favorite jeans.

27. Jump rope

It is a very popular tool in physical education classes. The skipping rope is a helper for a few dollars that can put your body in shape very quickly and very effectively.

Skipping rope is a plyometric activity, which is a training method that uses a rapid change in muscle contraction and the associated myotatic reflex to increase maximum explosiveness and muscle dynamics. When done correctly, the skipping rope puts a strain on every muscle in our body.

According to one study, skipping 6 times a week for 10 minutes to increase cardiovascular fitness (strengthening the heart, lungs, oxygen utilization) is as effective as jogging for 30 minutes 6 times a week. So if you are not a lover of jogging, skipping rope is a real nut!

28. Find a partner

Are you afraid that you have a weak will to do it yourself? Does not matter! Find a partner who will go to lose weight with you. It is not for nothing that it is said that it goes better in two. Healthy motivation is important.

29. Do not eat at night

Don’t go to bed with a full stomach. The digestive tract then does not rest for a moment and has to make a great effort to process food. Try to eat for the last time at least 2 hours before going to bed.

30. Praise yourself

Being able to brag is very important! Rejoice in success, even the miniature ones. Did you walk up the stairs today instead of using the elevator? Great! Did you walk to the kindergarten for the children and the car remained in the garage? Wonderful, go on!


Weight loss is such an eternal topic and few people are really happy with their figure. It is important not to be extreme in anything. Slowly, without drastic diets and with a smile on your face, everything will go better for you!





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