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How to get rid of snoring


“I have to warn you, I’m supposed to snore.” A sentence that people say with fear in their early love. And no wonder, these unpleasant sounds really make unpleasant not only the beginnings of the relationship, but also any other sleep with the person. However, snoring is not just a matter of a partner crisis, but of significant health problems. What are they like? And how to fight snoring?

What is snoring

The unpleasant sound of snoring is caused by the vibration of the soft parts of the upper respiratory tract. In sleep, the tension of the soft palate decreases, thanks to which that typical sound comes out and comes out of us. The air can also hit an obstacle that shakes, such as enlarged tissue in the nasopharynx.

There may be several reasons why this happens. From lighter ones, such as poor sleep hygiene, to the more severe ones associated with anatomical anomalies and sleep apnea.

Snoring in men

Although the exact numbers in the statistics vary, they agree that snoring is much more common in men. It is reported to affect up to twice as many men as women. And as the age progresses, the situation worsens – up to 54% of men over the age of 40 face this problem.

Snoring in women

Although women snore less than men, it is reported that up to 30% of women struggle with snoring. Pregnancy women have the most common snoring problems. Their body swells as a result of pregnancy, which leads to narrowing of the airways, and this leads to unpleasant snoring.

Snoring in children

Even children do not avoid snoring. In them, it is most often caused by an enlarged nasal or cervical tonsils. The child may be dormant and inattentive due to snoring and his school results may worsen. However, these are less and less serious difficulties. Much worse is sleep apnea, which according to statistics occurs in up to 3% of children.

When snoring is a serious problem

And what exactly is the already mentioned sleep apnea? This is a state of sleep in which there is a pause of breath. These cause insufficient oxygenation of the organ, resulting in health risks such as high blood pressure, heart attack, diabetes or stroke. Snoring is the main symptom of sleep apnea and, as already mentioned, is not avoided by men, women or children.

How to stop snoring

There are several ways to help yourself from snoring. We’ve put together the most effective ways for you, from changing your regimen to snoring aids to laser surgery. So what does anti-snoring do?

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Follow the rules of sleep hygiene

Do you know the principles of sleep hygiene? It is a set of rules used to prevent and solve sleep problems. These include regular day and night regimens, which emphasize reducing fatty and sugary foods, drinking energy drinks, alcohol, smoking tobacco and using bedtime electronics.

It is with these bad habits that research has shown that snoring worsens.

Look here If you want to learn more about sleep hygiene.

Find the right position

Research has also shown that snoring can significantly affect your sleep position. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid sleeping on your back and to prefer sleeping on your side.

However, continuous sleeping on your side can become uncomfortable after a while. That is why it is necessary to choose a quality mattress made of lazy foam, which will ensure you a great sleep even with this limitation.

It is also recommended to increase the position of the head by up to 15 cm, which helps to allow air flow in the cavities. Therefore, do not underestimate the choice of the right pillow to help you eliminate snoring.

Our TIP: The prevention of sleeping on your back due to snoring is associated with an old and relatively funny trick, in which a tennis ball is sewn on the back of your pajamas – it will force you to turn on your side at all times.

Make breathing easier

Many factors can really irritate and restrict your airways. The most common are a simple cold associated with a stuffy nose or allergies that can lurk in every corner of the bedroom.

Therefore, try to thoroughly clean your bedroom and ventilate regularly. If you have long-term problems with a stuffy nose, it is time you addressed them with your doctor.

There are also various anti-snoring aids on the market – sprays, patches or even watches that vibrate every time you experience snoring.

Find out your breathing curve

As already mentioned, sleep apnea is a serious health problem that you should definitely not underestimate. Procrastination could cost you dearly, so you’d rather sleep from a sleep lab.

In them, sleep is measured, and the breath curve is evaluated, which is collected from sleep data lasting at least 10 hours. If you find that you suffer from sleep apnea, the problems are eliminated by a pressure device with a special mask to help you breathe.

If measurements in the sleep laboratory diagnose that snoring is caused by vibrations of the soft tissues of the pharynx, it is possible to undergo laser surgery. However, if it occurs in another part of the respiratory system, plastic surgery or radiofrequency thermotherapy is required to completely eliminate snoring.

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