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5 First date Tips: How to impress on a first date


You will make the first impression only once and this is the basis not only of the entire meeting, but also of a possible future relationship. D-Day is approaching and you are not sure whether full-body shaking is a sign of excitement or a panic attack.

Calm down! Our tips will help you determine what looks good on a first date, how long it should take, and how to finish it in style. What if we said that a successful date was not such a science?

Imagine a man who decided to invite a girl on a date, and he was extremely relieved, when she agreed. He gets thrilled for a while before realizing that the real test (the meeting itself) is yet to come.

At that moment, he panics and begins to wonder what the etiquette of the first date looks like – a walk in the park? A welcome gift? A goodbye kiss? Which to apply and what not to try at all?

Relationship experts can reassure the male population: Women are just as nervous before the first date and also deal with a lot of trouble. Don’t get derailed and be inspired by five proven tips that will guarantee a successful date (the first and every other one).

No. 1: Dress comfortably and elegantly at the same time!

Stay true to yourself when choosing clothes. It’s nice that you want to enchant your counterpart, but six-inch heels or a tight tuxedo won’t do you any good. The celebrity dressing expert remarks: “Avoid strangling clothes, which at first glance are too luxurious!”

The best choice is:

  • Clothes that reflect your unique style,
  • Careless elegance (shirts and pants for men, skirts and top for ladies),
  • Clean, washed and undamaged clothing.

Definitely don’t go on a first date in a tracksuit or, conversely, in a suit with a vest and tie.

Tip: Wear a casual outfit if you are going on a date, such as an ice cream, a walk in the park, or a bar. Semi-formal wear is suitable for dinner in a better restaurant, for a movie in a cinema, or for a performance in a theater.

No. 2: The magic of sharing or choosing a suitable activity

Do you already know where you will go on the first date? Couples have chosen the classic “dinner and movie” since the beginning of time, which according to experts is not the best combination, because “half of the time you try to talk with your mouth full and the other half you sit in silence in the dark and stare at the screen”.

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How to prepare a perfect date that will be an experience for both participants?

An excellent alternative to the experienced classics is the joint sharing of activities. Those who both enjoy you immensely.

It can be a visit to the escape room, a trip to nature or ice skating.

Sharing activities will help you overcome the initial (slightly desperate) attempts at joking, while having fun together.

This is especially useful when you find that you have nothing to talk about – suddenly at least you have something in common, you do something fun and you break the ice.

Tip: If you decide to go on an informal date, make sure the meeting place is not crowded. The etiquette of the first date clearly states not to face the frustration of waiting in an endless queue. Not to mention that in a room full of people you won’t hear what your counterpart is saying.

If you decide to date, for example, in a luxury restaurant, make sure that the menu items are in your price range. It is foolish to spend hundreds of dollars if you do not have it.

No. 3: Conversations can decorate everything, but also kill!

One useful piece of advice for men at the beginning: Women love to speak. For them, communication is the alpha and omega of any relationship. Without listening and being sincerely interested in what the lady is saying, you have no chance of a successful date. If the question “How on a first date with a girl” haunts you in your mind, write “Do not lead a monologue!” At the top of the list. Think of it as a meeting where you listen to a woman and contribute your own opinion here and there.

You have won half of the right chosen topic of conversation! Suitable topics for conversation are:

  • Hobbies,
  • Movies,
  • Travel,
  • Weather,
  • Work,
  • School.

On the contrary, avoid these topics by arc:

  • Politics,
  • Religion,
  • Problematic life,
  • Unresolved relationships from the past,
  • Medical problems,
  • Ongoing liabilities.

The absolute best tactic is to ask questions that the counterpart (let’s talk about ladies now) forces them to talk. Foreign relationship experts recommend remembering the abbreviation FORD:

  1. Family – Ask her about siblings, parents, grandparents, and other relatives.
  2. Occupation – Ask her about the job, what she likes and what she doesn’t.
  3. Recreation – Ask what he does in his free time. Does he play sports? Is he watching movies? Does he read books? Does he have pets?
  4. Dreams – Ask how he imagines the future and what his dreams are.
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No. 4: Watch the body language and react according to it!

About 80 to 90% of our communication is nonverbal. The first date makes us nervous, and when we are nervous, we risk talking too fast and loud, crossing our arms and avoiding contact. These are gestures that we should ban if we want to give interest to another person.

Experts advise: Try to focus on body language on the first date: when you speak, lean over, make eye contact and do not move. Do not tap your feet, this shows impatience and the fact that your counterpart is bored and you would like to see yourself somewhere else.

The most important thing is to make eye contact and keep it as long as possible. If you’re not doing well, you can look right in the middle between your counterparts.

If the date is going well and you feel a slight tremor in your stomach, you are probably doing everything right and you can even try to dare. By that I mean light touches of hands and arms and relaxed laughter.

No. 5: End your first date with a kiss – yes or no?

Lots of couples have no idea how to end a date. Experts especially appeal to men and point out:

  1. It is absolutely necessary to pay for the lady, for example in a restaurant.
  2. It’s not good to break anything over your knee and force a woman to do anything.
  3. Modern times are demanding improvers – you will not make a mistake, for example, with a small “goodbye” gift”. It can be a flower or a small package of chocolates. The woman will be pleased.

What about a kiss? Well, ending your first date with a kiss is a big step that not everyone dares.

But this is good, because a lot of women want to proceed slowly and a full-fledged kiss would be a great crossing of the imaginary limit for them. If you insist on a kiss, choose a kiss on the cheek. On the first date for sure.

Finally, one recommendation:

The first to respond after the meeting has become a huge drama lately. Often unnecessarily. If both parties liked the date, it is quite indifferent who writes first. The important thing is whether you have caught the eye and there is a prospect of a second (and next) meeting or not.

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