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Tips for perfect Marriage Proposal


You know you want to spend the rest of your life with her. But the thought of asking for her hand darkens your eyes. You want it to be romantic, original and flawless. In short, perfect. How should a perfect marriage proposal go? And what should you think about before that expected moment?

Do you think he will say YES? Still, you don’t want anything to spoil your memories of your engagement. And no wonder. For most people, the moment when two people plan for a common future is a moment they will never forget.

But you may be worried that everything will go as it should. Are you afraid that something won’t work?

Or that your partner will be disappointed that the proposal was not more original?

9 Tips for perfect Marriage Proposal

Here are some tips to help you prepare for one of the most important moments in your life so that it remains in good and indelibly written in your hearts.

Stay yourself

There are many ways you can ask for your partner’s hand in an original way.

On the Internet you will find a lot of fantastic advice on how to impress your partner or perhaps even shock.

But well-meaning instructions sometimes evoke feelings of inferiority and fear in us.

So you may feel that your request for a hand must be downright bombastic, otherwise it wouldn’t be.

But the opposite is often true.

Not every woman wants to ask for a hand in a stadium full of people or for a long heartbreaking speech, which you practiced carefully in front of a mirror for several weeks.

Therefore, if your stomach tightens so much when you imagine a perfect proposal, you don’t want to do it at all, forget about all similar tips.

If you love your partner from the bottom of your heart and you try to show it to her with everyday little things and not just at the moment of engagement, you will certainly appreciate (from your point of view) ordinary words in an ordinary place.

Therefore, stay yourself and do not try to style yourself in romantic roles like in a Hollywood movie at all costs.

Think about your partner

Every woman is different and has different values. So take a deep breath and think: What would your girlfriend like?

  • Is she happy to be the center of attention, or will she be grateful when everything goes quietly and in private?
  • Does she prefer pomp, or is she more of a romantic soul?
  • Do you like to spend time in the city, by the sea or in the mountains?
  • Does she love surprises or does she prefer things under control?
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The answers to these questions are likely to guide you through how to prepare for a proposal.

If you do not take into account the nature of your girlfriend during the preparations, it could easily happen that she may say YES to your question, but will not speak to you in shock for the next few days.

Engagements are not even about the place or method of execution. It’s all about your relationship. Therefore, stay yourself during the engagement.

Choose a place that connects you

Are you starting to know what your partner might like? In this case, you can start choosing the ideal place to propose. This largely depends on how you take on the whole engagement.

Apart from a sea cliff or a mountain top with a fascinating view of the surroundings, your proposal can have the same success in a place that is nothing special at first glance.

But if your past is connected to it in some way, even such a place can have its unmistakable charm.

You can get engaged to your girlfriend, for example, on the spot:

  • where you first saw your girlfriend
  • where did you fall in love
  • where were your first date
  • where did you first kiss
  • where you realized you really loved your partner.

In addition, if you time your engagement on a day that is also somehow related to the place, it will be perfect down to the last detail.

Become a romantic

But proposal may not be overwhelming in every way.

Above all, it should come from the heart.

Don’t be afraid to express your emotions. Show your girlfriend how important this moment is to you – how important she is to you!

And that you’re incredibly nervous about all this? Does not matter.

Your girlfriend probably knows you much better than anyone else.

Whether your knees break, tears well up in your eyes, or you suddenly completely forget what to say, don’t be afraid to show your feelings.

At engagement, there is no time to play tough guy. So stay who you really are. And you will see that it will be fine.

Speak with or without preparation?

Some are a born speaker, for others it is a problem to come up with a good first sentence.

No matter which group you belong to, if you practice your speech perfectly, it probably won’t be a real nut anyway.

Therefore, think ahead about what you want to tell your partner.

At that moment, however, let yourself be carried away by the atmosphere of the situation and the place.

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And if, in the end, you become entangled in your words, or forget some of what you wanted to say, your declaration of love will still be true.

It will come straight from the heart and your girlfriend will surely feel it.

Think about what you say

Do you have a complete emptiness in your head when you think you should talk out loud about your feelings?

Then the following questions may tell you what your engagement speech should be about:

  • What did your girlfriend mean to you at the beginning of your relationship?
  • What have you been through together?
  • How has she changed you for the better?
  • And why do you want her by your side forever?

When it comes to the proposal, take your time.

Kneel, look her in the eye for a long time and tell her everything – what you love most about her, why it’s important to you and that you want to be with her for the rest of your life.

And finally, of course, don’t forget magic words: “Will you marry me?”

Spontaneous expressions of love carry much more weight than emotionally rehearsed words.

Ring as a symbol of engagement

Choosing the right ring is often harder than it seems at first glance. If you want to be sure that you match your future wife taste, you will probably have a big observation process on various occasions.

You can notice what jewelry your future wife likes, for example, when choosing a gift for someone close to you.

But don’t get enthusiastic just because you’re not sure you can choose the best ring.

If your girlfriend really loves you, she will certainly manage the fact that her ring is a little bigger or she would personally choose another stone.

In addition, in most jewelry stores today, it can be agreed that a non-compliant ring can be replaced for some time.

Plan details

You already have proposal that seems well thought out. You can now add more details to your plan.

Do you want to keep a lasting memory for the day she says YES? And are you sure your girlfriend would appreciate a similar thing? Then arrange with one of your friends to take pictures of your romantic moments in secret.

The future bride may be impressed to find out that someone has immortalized such an important moment, as well as the feelings you have expressed.

You can also be inspired by the many requests for a hand that others have made.

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Will you give your girlfriend a ring yourself? Or do you want her to reveal him unexpectedly?

If your girlfriend has a sense of humor, you can combine finding a ring with something she likes.

Hide it in a book, a box of chocolates or maybe come up with a whole cryptographic game that will lead it to the most important question.

There are simply no limits to the imagination. But never forget to think about how your girlfriend is likely to react to a given situation.

Just go for it!

No matter which way you decide to propose, you should not give up your wish to marry your beloved girlfriend.

Don’t be put off by the fact that everything doesn’t go the way you want.

If your relationship is to be lasting, it will certainly not be threatened by unexpected rain or another sudden change of plan.

After all, in life you are going to end even more difficult moments than this one. No matter how your proposal goes, it will forever be your engagement day, which no one will ever take away from you again.

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