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Why doesn’t organic cleaning products smell?


Who wouldn’t love the spring scent of freshly washed linen or the exotic aroma of just wiped floors? We all like pleasant scents. Today, we can really choose a products with regard to the feeling that its scent is supposed to evoke in us. Whether you want to find yourself in the Caribbean or in a lavender meadow after using it, the choice is yours. However, this sensory experience also has a flip side, which we will talk about today.

Every day we try to surround ourselves with fragrant things, clothes, products and scents themselves. We also help each other with different aromas in the bathroom, during cleaning or in the car and common areas. Today we will talk mainly about fragrances in connection with the drugstore and why its alternative – organic drugstore – does not have such strong smells, or its smell is completely neutral.

What do we actually smell?

Let’s start with what actually smells in that conventional drugstore. What do we actually smell? It is obvious that there will probably be no juice from apple concentrate in a conventional dishwashing composition. Therefore, most ordinary drugstores rely on artificial fragrances. You will find them under the name “fragrance” or “perfume”. However, the truth is that behind these one-word names are chemical compounds, often composed of several hundred chemicals themselves.

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Did you know, for example, that between fruit flavors and aromas, the strawberry one is the hardest to imitate? In 2018, the American company Breast Cancer Prevention Partners (BCPP) conducted a survey, the results of which you will probably not like very much. It was found that for three-quarters of the toxic components in the one hundred and forty tested products in the field of drugstores and cosmetics, they can use artificial flavors.

The National Academy of Sciences, an American non-profit organization made up of prominent members of various scientific disciplines, claims that 95% of the chemicals used in synthetic flavors are from kerosene. These include derivatives of benzene, toulene and many other toxic chemicals responsible for cancer and allergic reactions. Despite these researches and proven negative effects, these dangerous substances are still used in commercial drugstores.

Chemicals, which are hidden under the names “fragrance” and “perfume”, are now responsible for a range of health problems and are also responsible for negative impact on the environment.

People with more sensitive skin often experience irritation, but often do not know that this is due to their favorite fabric softener, which they pour into the washing machine in decilitres. Other health complications caused by artificial odors include respiratory problems, hormonal imbalances and the risk of cancer. All this together sounds like enough reasons against using artificial fragrances in the drugstore. But many of you are unaware of these facts and continue to use commercial drugstore.

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How to deal with the artificial aromas of dangerous drugstores and why organic products do not smell so much?

Natural aromas have a much lower intensity of scent than artificial ones. They are natural and nature does not have to exaggerate. It also doesn’t hurt you and the composition is easier than artificial. But we’ll go back to that regular drugstore for a moment.

What are essential oils?

Fabric softener is not really necessary. People either add it out of habit or don’t realize that the detergents themselves contain enough scent. Organic products also offer ways to smell their laundry beautifully, mostly in the form of essential oils and natural extracts from fruits and other natural materials. Essential oils, are volatile liquids obtained by distilling plants. They are highly concentrated extracts of a particular plant and, despite being small in volume, they have a very strong odor. They are also used in aromatherapy and pharmacy.


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Organic drugstore, unlike the commercial one, will suffice with a much simpler composition. The ingredients are overwhelmingly composed of natural substances. It uses, for example, natural surfactants, natural saponins (thanks to which foam is formed), water swirls, natural oils, glycerin, natural acids and waxes, vegetable alcohol, etc. Its price does not differ from the commercial one. It is usually slightly higher, but the price in this case is a tax on the lower production costs of organic producers compared to commercial ones. This drugstore is also made from more expensive raw materials and for a much smaller market. But the choice is still ours and our decisions should reflect our priorities. Is it worth paying a few cents more for a product that won’t hurt nature or us? We think the answer is clear.

In addition to the more beneficial health effects, our laundry will suffer much less thanks to the use of organic drugstores. As a result, it is not exposed to aggressive chemicals, it is cleaned gently, and in harmony with nature. It leaves a minimal mark and is often sold in suitable, degradable packaging. There are several producers of organic drugstores from around the world. Their products will playfully take care of the cleanliness in every area of ​​your green home.

Here are some examples:

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