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What no one will tell you about ketodiet


Nowadays, perhaps you just have to think about losing weight and the internet is already punctuating all articles with ketodiet advertisements.

You will lose weight fast, easily, with gusto, with a smile, without counting, naturally and safely. Does that sound too idyllic to be true? Your judgment is correct. Meet their other side.

Are they ketogenic diets at all?

They are not. Ketodietes in powder form sold in the form of cocktails, soups, omelets and bars have little in common with a real ketodiet. It is more of a VLCD (= very low calorie diets).

Although, like real ketodietes, they limit the overall supply of carbohydrates. But they also limit fat intake. Thus, most of the energy value is made up of proteins.

And although proteins help lose weight and even though one protein drink a day or one bar inserted into the diet from “ordinary” foods does not matter, on the contrary, a diet consisting only of instant products is not suitable.

Will you lose weight naturally?

Most of the foods we eat should be in their original form.

Ketoproducts are loaded with artificial colors, flavors, preservatives and tend to have a high salt content.

So there is no question that you would lose weight naturally, as the advertising slogans claim.

Will you lose weight fast?

Yes, at first the weight loss is fast. You are mainly losing water. Even if you drink more than 3 liters of water a day, you will drain.

This is because if you dramatically reduce the intake of carbohydrates in your diet, the glycogen stores in your muscles and liver decrease and your body loses water.

At the same time minerals. The first weight lost in ketodiet weight is therefore not fat, most of this loss is water.

If you want to lose fat, you need to achieve an energy deficit.

For every kilo of fat, this means creating a deficit of 38,000 kJ !!! And it takes a while.

Let’s say you have an intake of energy from “bags” on the ketodiet + some vegetables a total of 4000 kJ. Your energy output will be 8,000 kJ. So you create a deficit of 4000 kJ every day.

It will take you about 10 days to lose a pound of pure fat.

It follows that if someone claims to have lost 10 kg a month on a ketodiet, it will be clear that only 3 kg is fat. The rest is muscle and water.

Do you lose weight easily?

It depends. It is easy to pour hot water over your instant keto soup, it is easy to mix a cocktail.

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It’s less easy to face some social isolation because you can’t go out to dinner with friends.

It is not at all easy to cook lunch for the family and not have them with them, even though you have baked chicken on vegetables and prepared a great healthy side dish.

Will you lose weight with a smile?

Ketodiet in a smile: crying ratio is a bit like hard drugs.

You only rejoice in weight loss for a while. You suffer for a few weeks, then comes the triumphant moment when you have the weight you dreamed of, but collecting a quick fix tax won’t take long.

All you need is stress or a rush of work, you reach for a piece of bread and the pounds fly up like Elon Musk’s rockets.

At that moment, your smile disappears and is replaced by remorse and depression from your own “incompetence”.

This carousel of failures will not add to anyone’s self-confidence.

The only ones who have a constant smile on their face are the sellers of ketodiet. Again, you have to buy their products.

If you have a failed ketodiet or gain weight again, it is time to realize that the mistake is not in you, but in the design of the diet.

Will you lose weight without counting?

Yes, this fact cannot be questioned. People praising ketodietes often argue that they “don’t have to think about food” and “don’t have to count anything.”

However, this apparent advantage turns into a dramatic disadvantage at the end of the program. Because they did learn nothing, they immediately fall back to the habits that led them to gain weight and weight before the ketodiet.

Bad ketodiet will not solve bad eating habits.

Do you lose weight with gusto?

The first ketoproduct you taste doesn’t have to taste bad.

But imagine that you have it for breakfast, snack, lunch and dinner.

You will lose their taste, even if they are designed with the best and have 50 different flavors. Y

ou will need to engage in discipline and renunciation. Nothing compares to the taste of freshly prepared food.

Put together an instant soup and a plate, for example with a hastily roasted fish fillet with grilled vegetables and a few new potatoes. Lemon, garlic, herbs, beauty. It is clear what will taste better.

Will you lose weight safely?

Carbohydrate intake of less than 50 g per day is not without risk.

The liver is particularly exposed to stress, which must produce adequate blood sugar levels from fats or proteins.

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The functions of the immune system can deteriorate rapidly. Protein intake above 40% of the total energy content can negatively affect kidney function.

There are few long-term studies demonstrating the safety of these procedures.

Not only will you lose weight effectively, but will you maintain your weight for a long time?

So this is really nonsense. As mentioned above, in ketodiet, the proportion of active body mass decreases, thus reducing basal energy expenditure. Thus, metabolism slows down.

Add to that the reduction in the activity of the thyroid hormone thyroxine. With a dramatic reduction in carbohydrates in the diet, the thyroid gland begins to produce a metabolically inactive form of thyroxine, which leads to a further slowing of metabolism and easier subsequent weight gain.

In addition to the above, many other questions arise, such as: What happens to the intestinal microbiot? How long will it take to fix it? What should you do after the ketodiet?

Although companies supply a plan for the transition to a regular diet, they will not advise you exactly.

And most importantly, it will not prepare you for the fact that if you want to at least partially lose weight, it will require a lot of discipline and counting every gram of carbohydrates just after the diet.

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