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How to slow down aging? Let’s not be fooled! What will stop aging and what will not.


The cult of youth is growing in the commercial world. You may think that you don’t know anyone who would rejuvenate. You see advertisements for various rejuvenating products and creams, but no one who would look younger just after them.

You may have been seduced by some product, but the results were hardly noticeable. I have formulated in a simplified manner the principles that must be followed in order for your youth strategy to work.

Have you found an anti-aging remedy that works right away? Then you succumbed to the impostors.
Here are some real ways to start aging 1.5 to 3 times more slowly.

Myths that prevent aging

Aging cannot be prevented, it is the natural development of a living organism

It’s not true. This is a populist claim that is supposed to reassure older people that they are not alone. Aging can be slowed down, but the truth is that old age cannot be reversed. Inanimate materials age, rubber wipes, wood decays, metal rusts. Even materials from originally living organizations are aging.

Anti-aging began to be used after 1950, when the first anti-aging substances were discovered. The greatest use occurred in the automotive industry, where a five- to ten-fold slowdown in the aging of rubber, motor oils, paints, etc. was achieved.

Anti-aging substances, let’s call them antioxidants for short, AO, have been used in the food industry since 1960. With the rise of perishable foods, it has happened that they are present in almost every industrially processed food, even in intact foods (fruits).

List of all false declarations about slowing down aging

  • It is necessary to exercise for a longer life
  • Long sleep
  • Look happy and avoid bad moods
  • Eat little, limit energy intake
  • Deacidify the organism
  • Restrict television
  • Drink more than 3 liters a day
  • Right diet

You can find dozens of others on the Internet and they are all without effect. It’s crazy how much people come up with, and it’s all Google-preferred. Why do these people write it? Whether you’re advertising an item, a trailer for a traffic site, you need to write what you want people to hear. That’s how google is designed. The more people click on, the more above it appears and it’s “more true”.

Anti-aging substances have existed and been used for over 50 years. In the food industry, they are used to increase the shelf life of food more than tenfold.

However, since 2005 has there been a boom in the sale of anti-aging drugs. But that does not mean that there will be more and less aging people. There are natural laws that limit the effect of AO. Unfortunately for humanity, effective antioxidants cannot be patented, they are not promoted and so few people will know about them. In contrast, AO or other funds that someone promotes and earns on them in most cases have a weaker effect. It is not uncommon for there to be an excess of a plant, which has proved to be almost ineffective. Nevertheless, the extract from it is successfully sold (of course at a lower price).

Detoxification – cleansing the body

Detoxification is a subtle scam. It is clear to everyone that poisons can shorten their lives. But no one has yet found a life-prolonging food. It is because the human body is at the peak of evolution. Of all the animals, people of the same weight live the longest. Therefore, the idea of ​​getting rid of cumulative poisons sounds plausible.

However, charlatans who spread the idea of ​​detoxification and cleansing, most often in connection with spring fatigue, cannot do anything like that. They try to convince you that there are deposits of sediments in your intestines and blood vessels that you need to help remove. It makes you feel that your liver does not turn poisons into water-soluble substances, which are then excreted by the kidneys. The purpose is to find out what ailments you suffer from and then offer you something more expensive.

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Not only detoxification is nonsense and it can’t slow down your aging at all. Yet it is a sophisticated tactic. The charlatan promises you nothing but a temporary burden during detoxification. It detects your needs during “detoxification”. You will be relieved after the “cleansing peel”. Although only in its original state. This will give you your trust and can target the fraud more accurately and credibly.

Antiaging food

It’s just a trendy name for healthy food. They don’t matter much because these foods have been around for centuries, they are known to be healthy.If they had any significant influence, it would have already manifested itself.

Cruciferous and other vegetables, forest and other fruits, various meats, dairy products and many others.

Articles on antiaging foods are grateful to frugal people. But if you really want to observe that you stay young, then you should look for means that prolong life two to three times and are not a normal part of the diet.

In contrast, aging-accelerating foods have become so widespread that a number of racks are dedicated to them in hypermarkets. Aging foods are quite effective. They shorten life and thus old age by 10-20%.

Creams can slow down aging

The only creams that can slow down skin aging are those with a UV filter. In principle, the substances contained in the cream cannot slow down aging, as they are absorbed through the skin throughout the body and thus diluted.

Another thing is hyaluronic acid, a protein that binds water, fills in the unevenness, which is already in creams. The cream masks you, you look better, but you keep getting older.

I have personally experienced the effect of UV protection. I once sat on a tram next to a wrinkled, windswept gentleman. And suddenly I see that he had beautiful, completely smooth (young) hands. I asked him how he does that he has such manicured hands? And he told me: I work on a construction site with a machine and I always have work gloves on.

Aging is a disease

Aging would be a strange disease that affects everyone and no one has recovered. This is claimed by various entrepreneurs who offer you diagnostic tests. From them you would find only the well-known fact that with age, strength decreases, desirable hormones and damage. It is advisable to use a doctor to treat the damage you have already suffered.

Aging is much more like poison. The following noxa cause it:

  • Free oxygen radicals are the main cause
    Because oxygen pressure is about the same for everyone, the rate of aging is similar in humans. There are also four areas of aging accelerators that contribute to aging and cancer, and these have only a 30% effect on oxygen:
  • PUFA unsaturated fatty acids (referred to as omega 3, omega 6 or “beneficial”)
  • metals (eg Fe, Cu, Cr, Mn (in unbound form) and inhibitory enzymes Cd, As, Hg, Pb, U, Be)
  • ionizing and certain non-ionizing radiation (from UV to blue light)
  • carcinogenic and mutagenic substances (in addition to causing cancer, they also accelerate aging)
  • oxidative enzymes (decreased activity during aging to adjust the body’s energy supply)

Radicals and antioxidants – a lie that persists in life

Antioxidants work in a cascade system that contains all the essentials

I’m sure that if someone buys an antioxidant – an elixir, a mix of 15 fruits, or an extract of a special very tasty blueberry (you are already salivating) from the South American pampas, it will not have an observable effect. I won’t go into detail here, because almost no one else will tell you how to set up an antioxidant system. So briefly:

  • The formation and quenching of radicals has 3 phases and you must cover both the initiation, promotion and termination phases. If the radicals are not properly terminated, they can recur.
  • Antioxidants act only in a certain concentration and at a higher concentration they begin to behave prooxidatively. Instead of quenching radicals, they generate new radicals or convert one type of oxygen radical to another.
  • Only a small portion of antioxidants cross cell membranes. Others slow down the aging of food, for example, so they only work in vitro (ie in the bottle), but they are worthless to you.
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The solution cannot be found in common sense without the knowledge or necessary to take over the information published on the internet. Traders don’t even need a solution because antioxidants are on sale anyway.

There are a lot of sites in the world about prolonging life. Some sites already feel skeptical, despite the number of promising substances they publish or even swallow.

In many discussions, you can read from people who use everything, but few can boast that they are younger than they actually are.

They will find smarter lists of promising substances that are supposed to prolong life. They take the list from the beginning and try to google individual substances. In the end, they buy products that someone praised them or smiled at.

Merchants always have to come up with something new, so they can mislead you. When reading the discussions of experts and lay people, you would realize that they are directing you from the right solution, groping you and jumping from one ineffective news to another.


The elixir of youth is not yet on the horizon

This has always been written and suggests that the article or book was written by someone for fun and not because he was an expert in gerontology.

On the contrary, we have been using the elixir of youth for more than 10 years

The most effective anti-aging ways have already been invented. Denham Harman has used them for over 50 years and died in 2014 at the age of 98.

Even the Russians, who invented the antioxidant SKQ in 2009, which prolongs life 2-3 times, had to go back and study the research from 1955. AO with an effect like SKQ could have been invented 60 years ago, but there was a shift until Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska was afraid of death and paid 500 million rubles for research by academician Vladimir P. Skulacev.

Skulacev’s research showed that the only difference between what we already have and the newly discovered “eliksirom bez-smertija” is that they patented the drug, conducted preclinical and clinical research, had the AO registered as a veterinary drug, and after finished testing on humans, register it as a human medicine.

Anti-aging products work immediately

That, of course, is not true. Rejuvenating, turning back time with drugs will never be possible. If you read this somewhere, it’s an advertisement for masking cosmetics. This is also often written by naive or frivolous would-be scientists. When something is instant, on hold or right away, it sells 10 times as much. If you find rejuvenation on our site, then it is used as a keyword (which people are looking for) in the sense of rejuvenating over time compared to peers.

Rejuvenants can be harmful

Correct objection. It looks like a paradox. Dietary supplements that slow down aging cannot be harmful as they prolong life, on the contrary protect against many diseases of civilization. But you will really see such an effect in a few.

We know from television that various celebrities are also harmed by the use of creams and cosmetic procedures. Every smart beautician offers you rejuvenating treatments, but the effect, if any, will fade by morning. Some actions do harm in the long run. For example, epilators, some lasers.

Rejuvenation is offered at every turn and no one has ever been rejuvenated

I also subscribe to newsletters from various anti-aging sites and I get information about the fulfillment of promising substances that can rejuvenate immediately. I checked most of it, the information was worthless.

I like the slowing down of aging more, which does not have an immediate effect when you take it, in 5 years you will age only 2 years. In other words, you will look 3 years younger than the others. And that’s most people’s desire to be a little better than others.

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When you weren’t born into a wealthy family, you weren’t endowed with exceptional talent, etc., anti-aging supplements are one of the few ways that will help you significantly against others at a relatively small cost.

You already benefit from anti-aging “drugs” the moment you take them. You are sure that it protects you from diseases that your peers suffer from, you are more efficient, you are more beautiful (you are not deprived of aging), you have more stamina. You know that pain, helplessness and fatigue will come to you many years later. You can do things and enjoy the activities that others have already had to give up.

The positive effects of exercise are known

Certainly. Exercise is part of life and has a positive effect on enduring stress and the functioning of many organs. But we’re talking about a gentle, recreational movement, compared to inactivity on the bed. No marathon. The reverse is not true.

We all know, or can be traced, that athletes, without exception, age faster and die sooner. Therefore, let’s not waste money on gyms, trainings and exercises with foreign names, it’s a waste of money and time (in terms of the fight against aging).

Longer life is useless, it only prolongs the hardships

Have you noticed how many long-lived people there are ? Actors, politicians, businessmen It is as if youth and resilience predestined people to social success. Maybe it’s more experience and knowledge at a young age. Maybe it’s more viable at an age when others can’t. Maybe only success is associated with a young look, young thinking.

Property ages faster than you, friends leave, the value of savings can spontaneously shrink. But your youth will remain permanent and will be the source of your lifelong happiness.

Vitamin D slows down by increasing telomerase activity

Today is such a time that anyone can sit down at a computer and write what they like. Then publish it and readers believe that what is written is given. When looking for information on the Internet, various nutritionists find only nonsense published by someone and consider it an objective truth. They are paid for and not accessed to all scientific articles.

It often happens that the nutritionist reads only the title and draws false recommendation from it. For example, an article called Inositol Improves Manifestations in Depression, Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety, Insomnia, Reduces Stress and Gains Weight. Researchers have shown that inositol is ineffective for half of the diseases, yet sellers gives beneficial effects on all the diseases listed in the title.

What is it really like with vitamin D3?

Vitamin D for a long time in the ancient 5000 IU accelerates aging. The experimental animals had atherosclerotic vessels and wrinkled skin, including pigment spots. Vitamin D receptor triggers the cell death program. Vitamin K2 prevents this.

Increasing telomerase activity is a hoax

Nothing happened at all in rats to which the researchers increased telomerase activity. Nowadays, more and more “discoveries” are swarming, promising to return to their young years. Understandably, rejuvenation now goes more than slowing down aging after years.

It will not be possible to prolong life in this way in the future either. Does that mean we are helpless? Not that. On the contrary.

Today’s state of knowledge allows us to prolong youth two to three times. It would be worthwhile to use, even if it only prolongs life by 50%. But the aging of living organisms, where absorption and excretion take place, is slightly more complex than the aging of perishable food. And so it just doesn’t work for people who follow common sense in putting together their anti-aging crust. If you want, you will learn about the laws of nature that prevent you from immediately aging when you try something you have read from a convincing nutritionist. And you’ll know how anti-aging works.

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