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What does the shape of the eyebrows reveal about you?


The eyebrows give the eyes and the face an expression. The thin and light make face and eyes soft, while stronger and darker make it stern and far too confident. But you can read much more from the eyebrows. What kind of shape or color are you and what will they reveal about you?

What are your eyebrows? Are you wearing a fused, long or short eyebrow? Do you have them seated low or high? Is your eyebrows thick or thin? Is your eyebrow arched or straight, or is it different? Imagine that each eyebrow shape reveals something about its wearer and means something.


If you have significantly fused eyebrows, you are a born provocateur, who often gets into trouble and unnecessary problems.

Facial expressions with fused eyebrows look stern, inflexible, and somehow dangerous and negative.

To improve the “image”, it is recommended to pull them out in the middle, at the top (the myth that the eyebrows don’t tear at the top is no longer valid) and at the bottom, and thus reduce and soften them overall.


If your eyebrows are long and extend beyond the outer corner of your eye, you are a family-type person who will get along with everyone at home across generations.

You are also popular with friends as a pleasant companion.

However, when it comes to essential things, you can also be very stubborn.


With this eyebrow, you like to surround yourself not only with good people, to whom you are generous, but also with beautiful things in your home.

In living, you will always appreciate taste, beautiful pieces and, most importantly, well-being.

You are no stranger to emotions and to defend your truth.


This says about you that you are very independent and you do not know much about accepting or asking others for help.

You are therefore very energetic and even explosive about your person, while you are also full of impulsivity and sometimes you act recklessly.

You just talk faster than you think.


Here it is exactly the opposite. If your eyebrows are short, soft and not very expressive, you are popular for your softness, tact, but on the other hand you have little determination and you are rather impenetrable to timid.


This is a sign of subtlety and calm, but also considerable intelligence.

You are also more one-sided and you can’t solve or do more things at once.

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However, you always act calmly and prudently, you do not express your emotions too much outwardly.


With thick eyebrows, you are a great detailist and you consider everything in detail.

At the same time, you can solve and do several things at once.

You are fast and efficient, generous, kind and kind to friends and family, even when they do not deserve it.

Your loved ones often take advantage of this.


It is said that these people are not very patient, very lively, ambitious and determined. However, he often spoils that determination with impatience.

They are a great support to their friends and family in all circumstances.

They have a loving and kind approach to them.


Here, be careful, you can be not only impatient, but also irritable and moody enough that few will last you.

This eyebrow tells the wearer that he is an unpleasant and negative companion who gets upset quickly and easily.

It is recommended to pluck (ie shorten) the eyebrows on the inside so that they do not act so close to each other.


If your eyebrows are set far apart, you are one of the relaxed individuals who only need a little to be happy.

They can enjoy even the little things, notice the positive details in life, so they live life intensely and comfortably.

As a result, these people are more satisfied and happy in life than others.


If, on the other hand, your eyebrows are high, you are more of a phlegmatic and a loner.

You don’t need others to your satisfaction.

You only have a few good friends and a close family, to which you are generous and very tolerant.

You value the company of others and loneliness. You never feel lonely.


The eyebrows of you claim to be extroverted, kind and friendly.

You are calm and composed, such a relaxed type.

That’s why everyone loves you.

But you can also get excited when it comes to something. It sometimes upsets you emotionally.


In this case, you are full of charisma, peace, well-being and nothing will upset you.

Emotions expressed on the outside are foreign to you, even if you have them inside.

You are not subject to stress and you solve everything calmly and without nerves.


If you notice that your eyebrows are straight, you are energetic, purposeful and longing for recognition.

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However, you can also be very tough and uncompromising.

Inside you are always kind and sensitive, but on the outside you act (when needed) like a tough guy.

You can’t express emotions much.


Sensitive are those who have different eyebrows.

You are very anxious, you discuss everything a lot.

Many have trouble understanding you and understanding you.

You don’t express your feelings much, so you get stressed.

This affects a lot of your health.


You have to take good care of your eyebrows, have them trimmed and, if necessary, well-torn hairs outside his line.

Adjusted eyebrows are part of the face that you still expose. Maybe only in the summer will you hide it behind bigger sunglasses.

Otherwise, the eyebrows are still on the “wallpaper” and so it is worth taking care of him.

Oils will help you in your care, you can use olive, almond or coconut, which you will rub your eyebrows with once a week, let them work and then comb them.

Your eyebrows will be healthy, nice, soft and hydrated.


Eyebrow color should always correspond to hair color.

If you are blonde and have big and black eyebrows, it looks very unnatural.

It is better to color them up to light or medium brown when you no longer want to wear your natural blond eyebrows.

Blond hair associates others with softness, so your eyebrows should also be soft.

However, if you are a brunette, leave or dye your eyebrows in the tone of your hair.

In the salon, henna is often dyed to the desired tone, which is a natural and good way.

You can try henna on your own. Be sure to avoid too much black eyebrows. I

t tightens the facial expression of brunettes and blondes.

As a brunette, you are allowed black, but also shape your eyebrows as narrower, and not too wide, so that you do not look like a “strict megera”, but rather like a sensual witch.

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