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How to choose the right shade of makeup?


Choosing makeup is one of the most difficult cosmetic disciplines ever. It should sit you out of sight, and people will praise you instead of applying just flawless looking skin. How to choose the best makeup? And can you do it online?

In the age of smartphones, a simple solution would logically be offered: download an app that will help you choose make-up using photos from social networks or the currently scanned face, for example. And the truth is, there have been a few applications of this type. But it is no longer.

If you come across one, then the application of a specific brand (Oriflame, L´Oréal…), which will recommend your makeup. And although it looks divine, the result of the analysis should be taken as a guide only.

Because every phone, camera or tablet has a different optics, a different calibration, you always stand in a different light, etc. Not to mention that for the final selection of makeup you need to literally touch the texture of the makeup, the degree of coverage of the makeup or its abrasion resistance.

The only thing you can really rely on are your eyes, daylight, the right place to test your makeup, and above all the so-called undertone of the skin, which plays perhaps the biggest role in all this. Do not rush to choose and follow the following three steps when looking for the right make-up.

How to choose a shade of makeup – the basic rules

Try on makeup in daylight

Fluorescent lamps show the shade of makeup literally in a different light. Do not risk distortion and test makeup samples in natural light.

Test your makeup in the right place

Do not try it on your wrist or hand, but always on the edge of your face. Make three strips from the bottom of the face, through the jaw to the neck. One makeup, the color of which you think is closest to yours, and then a shade lighter and a shade darker. Then select in daylight. And you may be very surprised!

Determine the undertone of the skin

However, before selecting samples and testing, first choose the so-called skin undertone again in daylight. It is stable all year round, it does not depend on the current skin color, but it seems to shine through it. Choosing the right shade of makeup is the most important, it can help you from too orange or too pink face, it can really find your makeup color.

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Your skin has a cold skin undertone if it goes to a porcelain, pinkish or bluish color in daylight. It looks good with silver jewelry, and when you look at the veins on wrist, they are worn in bluish, purple or greenish tones. Make-ups are usually marked C (Cold) and are more like “porcelain”.

The warm undertone of the skin loves gold metals and in the light the skin with this undertone has a rather yellow, peach or slightly orange color. The veins on the wrist are green to olive green. And make-up that adds the letter W (Warm) to the number will be ideal for you – they are usually more orange.

The neutral undertone has skin that can withstand silver and gold, looks more greenish in the sun, the skin itself is probably olive and the veins on the wrist play green-blue. ).

YSL and its long-lasting make-up Encre de Peau All Hours Foundation have great markings according to the undertone, where you will find, for example, the shade Ivory, Cool Ivory and Warm Ivory.

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