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Rules of one night stands


Who has never tried non-binding pleasures as if did not live. While this type of entertainment may seem ideal at first glance, it has its rules. Thanks to which sex is safe and carefree. We tried it for you and here is the result. If we are proud of it, do not ask.

Don’t stay until morning!

Rule number one. The last thing you want for a casual acquaintance is waking up in the morning. Especially if you’re dating men who usually look cute and sleepy in the morning, while your hair sticks out all over the world.

Don’t miss the mirror

Before leaving (night or evening Рsee the previous paragraph!) It is good to stop at the mirror and look for any visible traces. If you leave the crime scene with unmasked stains on your neck, very unpleasant questions may arise and their subsequent even more unpleasant explanations may…

Don’t care

That’s advice, isn’t it? But now seriously – if you want to avoid an emotional bond, it’s really not a good idea to ask about his relationship with his parents, a sick second-knee aunt’s cat, or argue over the meaning of life together. Mutual support and motivation for higher professional and personal goals? It doesn’t exist!

Be straightforward

Even the neglect of emotions must be done with feeling. We recommend clarifying the non-binding nature in advance, not lying to each other and not creating false hopes. Also talk about what you like, where to reach and what to avoid. Just plain. Communication is the basis, but on the other hand you just did not come to talk to him. So focus on a language other than your native language.

Preparation makes perfect

A well-known lesson says that if you don’t want to have sex with someone, don’t shave your legs. This unpleasant fact, which only you know about, will simply stop you from this sacred act. But if you want the opposite, preparation is absolutely essential. Definitely don’t skimp on perfume and sexy lingerie.

Don’t kiss / cuddle

Although only one of the three authors of this text agrees with this rule, it is sometimes better to avoid romantic kisses and slow cuddling. After all, these activities significantly deepen emotions! But if you (like two of the authors of this text) take it as another source of entertainment, go for it. It’s just about setting the mind. And, of course, how a person can kiss.

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Protect yourself

A rule that can’t be missed. Just as you protect your feelings and potentially broken hearts, so do your health. When it comes to casual sex, it is quite possible that you are not the only occasional occupant of his / her bed, and therefore it is not advisable to forget about condoms and / or other means of protection.

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