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8 tips to be more positive


Do you feel tired of your life, depressed and see everything in the darkest colors?

Then it’s time to tune in to the optimistic wave. Life is hard in itself. So it’s up to you to enjoy it. Best with a smile on your face. It is known that if you accept things as they are, throw yourself to work with gusto, you can see good and you are not afraid of failure, everything is better for you. How to be positive? We will teach you this in our 8 ways. Optimism will shine on you.

Each of you has an optimistic mindset. All the spleens, depression, anxiety and other negative feelings and emotions you have learned over time. Some of these things, such as anxiety, can be overcome.

Researchers say no one is pessimistic. This will happen if you have such a pattern in the vicinity. She may be a senile grandmother, constantly mourning the past and telling about her great life when she was single. It could be your parents who kept forbidding you something as a child and threatened with stories about what could happen. The professor at the school is certainly to blame, who claimed from the first year that you would be nothing. What about the fact that you now run your own business. The seed was sown and continues to grow. Children copy their parents, idols, surroundings. Fortunately, the brain can be reprogrammed. But you have to want. Unless you internally decide to make a change in thinking, it will never come and the growler will remain growler. Find inner determination and strength. Optimism is then easier to learn.

How to tune in positively? Our 8 ways will help you awaken you optimism

There are many ways. Learned optimism is nothing new. All you have to do is take bold steps and change your approach in life.

  • Think of yourself – Pessimism manifests itself other than a frown. Sometimes whole body and head hurt physically. Try to rest more, pay attention to the right diet and treat yourself to regular relaxation when someone will take care of you.
  • Choose your friends – Surround yourself with the right people. If your friends are constantly cursing at something – high taxes, low income, expensive butter, the need to wear a mask, indulging in slandering others, and you rarely see a sincere smile on their faces, then they are probably not the right people. You have to surround yourself with cheerful people. The expressions, behavior, and speech of others greatly affect you. If you are bombed by complaining to others all the time, you will not come home with a smile. But, if you can create a positive environment, the work will go straight away. You will feel optimistic when you get home.

  • Everything has a good and a bad side – Surely you also know the yin-yang symbol. It is a circle divided into black and white halves. It  shows absolutely beautifully that everything has two views. So try to find something positive in everything. Didn’t you buy a winning prize ticket? Never mind, you are lucky in love. They wrecked your car, it still needed new paint. Did they rob you in town? Be glad they only took your money. The documents and the grandmother watch you have on your wrist would surely make you more sorry. Our grandmothers have already said that all bad things are good. If you are a magnet for misery and accidents, you can be proud of yourself anyway. At least you entertain others and provide them with stories to society.

  • Do what you enjoy – And that’s the holy truth. Do you not like the work so far and does it make no sense to you? Then change it and pay attention to what it means to you. Life is too short to deal with trivial things. Do you want to travel? Gather courage and finances and set off. You enjoy taking care of dogs, but you don’t have the facilities to start a shelter. Try to find a way. You should be proud of yourself. Looking back on your journey, clap your shoulder. Realize that you are an important member of society. Without you, the old lady on the second floor would have to take out the trash herself. You will always be happy to take her away. Even a little help counts. Try to do a little good deed every day. You will see how it kicks you and the positive mood will not wait long.

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Even optimists make mistakes

  • Ask for help – It’s not a shame to ask for help from time to time. It’s basically a relief. In addition, it strengthens relationships. Man is a social creature and has always lived in gangs and communities. Learn from each other with your friends. If you have spleen, do not carry the burden yourself. It’s okay if you cry from time to time. Optimism does not mean that you will never be sad.

  • Think the other way around – do you also have the urge, in a moment of failure, to immediately swear at the world around you and imagine what is wrong? Then you are set on negative thoughts. Try to stop yourself. Psychologists advise that when these thoughts come to you, imagine a big stop sign. And look at the matter again.

  • Use your energy – Do not deny your life energy to the little things. Don’t get involved in quarrels and don’t solve unsolvable ones. There are things you just can’t change. Weather, past, news, laws, etc. There is no value in rummaging through them and wasting your energy on them. Rather, focus your attention on the important things in life and cultivate and take care of yourself. Family relationships, work, home creation, experiences

  • Imperfection – Accept your person. You don’t have to be a kitchen master and a lion in bed to be a great person. Everyone is individual. And that is your greatest strength. Accept all your shortcomings. Either try to work on them (you can solve late arrivals by moving the clock forward) or reconcile with them (jealousy is a sign of love). Optimism does not solve things that have no end.

Learn to enjoy every day. As the saying goes, you never know when it will be the last one. Welcome the sun, wave to the children from the bus, help the old lady across the crossing, greet the policeman you meet on the way to work every morning. These little things will fill you with love, happiness and good mood. And then you will radiate to your surroundings. As a result, you will be attracted to similarly tuned people. Optimism thus becomes present throughout the day. Do you see how it all fits together? You know that morning makes the day. Try to set a morning ritual. Jump out of bed with the first set alarm and go smile at yourself in the mirror. Tousled hair, sleepy eyes, a bruised pillow on his face? Doesn’t that sound funny to you? Or you can learn to exercise every morning. Just ten minutes. Try yoga. Optimism is a sign of positive energy. Good mood, good quality breakfast. Even a quickie is enough.

Optimism changes personality

An optimist is not just a one who is constantly laughing, walks in yellow hung with live bouquets and the pool is parting on the ground in front of him. This only happens in fairy tales. Souls shine from the true optimist. And it doesn’t matter if he’s dressed in white or black. It can also be identified by its behavior. He is always trying to find a way. His dictionary lacks words like no, I can’t, I don’t know, I don’t know, I can’t, etc. Edit your dictionary and accept the challenges that come your way. You never know where they will take you and what doors they will open. Optimism removes obstacles.

Live the present, be optimistic

Don’t worry about the past. There’s nothing you can do about it. Everyone makes mistakes. The future is also shrouded in a cloud. Live the present, now and here. Concern for the future is just what makes you wrinkle. And unnecessarily. Solve things when they come. No, what if. You can be inspired in the animal world. Cats, for example, are well known. They enjoy every moment. Experience for yourself how beautiful it is not to think about what will happen next week.

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And the last piece of advice at the end? Create an affirmation board. Place the board where you walk daily. You can stick pictures of your dreams and wishes, various mottos and quotes on it. They will inspire you every day.

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