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How to get rid of Mosquitoes


Mosquitoes can make summer moments spent on terraces and gardens annoying us.

Get rid of annoying flying mosquitoes with yeast and other simple tips.

Mosquitoes bother us throughout the summer season.

But it’s not just about harassment, but also about mosquitoes transmitting all sorts of diseases, and people, after mosquito bites, die of yellow fever, West Nile fever, or malaria.

The idea of ​​trying to fall asleep all night while mosquitoes will play you the latest hits somewhere in your left ear and you will be bitten in the morning is really terrible.

How to get rid of those little nasty whistles as quickly and as efficiently as possible?



Among the most commonly used are sprays for insects.

They are really effective, but unfortunately also very aggressive.

This means always closing the room being treated, spraying it into the room and letting it work for a given time.

Then, with a deep breath, run through the room, quickly open the window, breathe in the fresh air, and trot out again and close the door behind you.

We will not forget to check if a child or a pet has come in behind us.

It should be added that these products are really dangerous for living organisms and do not benefit our flowers either.

So we try to choose them as an emergency solution when other methods have failed.

Plug in insect repellent

A more gentle method is essential oils devices, which are put into a socket with electrical voltage.

Even in this mixture of oils and repellents, there are chemical preparations, but they are not harmful to the human or animal organism and, rather than killing, they have a repellent effect.

Therefore, we can safely leave these helpers in the socket all night and sleep peacefully.

Fly strips

Glue boards and traps are not widely used when mosquitoes occur, but we can use them to “catch” flies, other small insects, which have the desire to make evening sleep more pleasant for us by buzzing.

It is ideal to central point in the bedroom, it is best to hang a classic flytrap on the chandelier.

However, make sure that the flytrap does not interfere with the area where your bed is located, otherwise you may stick to it in the morning.

Also hang it high enough, because small children and pets will want to explore what it hangs about here and why it smells so nice.

Spirals and Incense Cones

Smoke insect repellents are also interesting.

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They are spiral insecticides used outdoors.

It ignites and then develops smoke that will reliably keep your terrace and other areas free of insects for several hours.

Electronic device

Insect lamps and UV lamps

The LED UV mosquito trap is a hit this season.

It works on the principle of UV rays, which lure mosquitoes into the inner part of the fan, where they are immediately killed.

Large UV lamps, which we can find in stores and which are characterized by that blue light and characteristic cracking, as soon as they “catch” an insect, work on the same principle.

These smaller traps are placed in the socket and work very reliably without any chemicals.

The insect falls into the collection drawer, so you can then empty it comfortably.

Ultrasonic Repellent

The device is slightly audible for more sensitive ears.

However, it does not need any fillings based on chemicals and toxic substances, it is also suitable for children’s rooms and does not bother pets.

You adjust the intensity of the sound by yourself.

Mechanical devices

The common equipment of every household is the so-called fly swatter.

Fly swatter are made of various materials – plastic, wood, rattan, leather.

The essence of the effect is the mechanical “catch” of mosquitoes or flies

In addition to the fly swatters, there are very effective window nets, which are available either as finished products, or we can make them from a wooden frame and a piece of old curtain to suit our windows at home.

Natural remedies


It has long been known that insects simply do not get along with some plants, while explicitly looking for others.

So we use mainly herbs and spices, from which we can either make a spray, or in the dried state we use them directly in the rooms where we sleep, in cabinets or in kitchens.

In addition to dried herbs, we can use a variety of scented candles containing repellent natural substances or essential oils.

The most commonly used herbs include lavender, cloves, rosemary, tea tree, peppermint, thyme, marjoram, eucalyptus or lemongrass.

Final advice

You can also repel mosquitoes and other insects near you by using repellent bracelets. They are sold in e-shops in various colors and designs and you can attach it to your wrist, ankle or, for example, to a backpack, pram or tent.

Various studies show that mosquitoes are gourmets and choose their hosts according to their temperature and smell.

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A person who has a higher body temperature also has a better chance of being visited by mosquitoes.

They also like smell of ethanol, which evaporates from the body when excessive alcohol consumption is consumed.

They are also attracted by colorful clothes.

On the other hand, mosquitoes do not like beer and vitamin B contained in it.

However, this does not encourage you to consume more beer, because you will also repel mosquitoes by consuming vitamin B itself.

If you are not a fan of golden juice, bet on garlic.

There are a number of natural repellents and it is up to you which one you prefer.

Keep in mind that using natural repellents will also save the environment and will not release toxic chemicals into the air and soil.



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