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10 most common dreams and their meaning


Dreams are an integral part of our lives. Sometimes they are kind and warm, other times they have fear or even death. Should we be afraid of such dreams? And what is their true meaning?

While there are no precise interpretations of what dreams really mean, some symbols have a place in dreams. The ways in which scenes can be interpreted often vary, but their essence usually remains the same.

Dreams are said to reveal our inner feelings, fears and anxieties, but they are also omens that warn us of danger or disease.

At least that’s how people have always perceived dreams. However, not everyone believes that they have a deeper meaning.

But the truth is that people have ever-repeating symbols in their dreams. So what is their significance?

1. Dreams about flying

The most common motives are flying.

Sometimes you just hover over the landscape and watch everything from a bird’s eye view, other times you run so fast that you suddenly take off.

The interpretation of this dream depends on how you felt in the situation.

Flying can mean escaping from everyday worries.

During the dream, you simply throw everything behind your head and just fly around the landscape. You are free.

However, if you do not feel well while flying and you are afraid, it can symbolize that you do not have anything under control in real life and you feel insecure.

Flying around in free space can also mean high ambitions and unfulfilled desires.

It suggests that it is time to gather courage and embark on them. In general, this is a shift.

Flying in a dream is usually considered positive.

2. Dreams about persecution

Persecution (similar to falling) is perceived as a negative dream.

However, according to scientists, this is nothing more than a depiction of the stress of the day or possible fears.

The brain never sleeps, not even at night. His activity is reflected in dreams that may reflect the experiences of the past day.

If you are stressed, it is likely that you will have more vivid dreams.

You may know the feeling of someone chasing you in a dream and trying to escape.

Sometimes he is armed, other times you don’t even know what is chasing you, you just feel a certain danger.

These dreams most often symbolize the fear of overcoming an obstacle, or mean a loss of security and safety. It also means avoidance and inability to face more complex challenges.

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3. Dreams about falling teeth

Loss, crumbling or tooth decay means stress and anxiety.

One theory is that teeth are a symbol of safety and health, so their loss is perceived negatively.

It symbolizes the fear of the coming changes, or the passage of time.

If you lose your teeth in a dream, it can mean a weakening of form and vitality. T

he loss of a tooth symbolizes the loss of something important in your life.

If tooth loss is accompanied by bleeding, it may be the end of a friendship or the disruption of a relationship with a loved one.

4. Dreams about a wedding

Although in older dreams, marriage meant a trip to the coffin, most modern interpretations agree that dreams of marriage are mostly about love relationships.

They symbolize the desire to move to the next level and can be so straightforward that they really indicate real desires.

If you dream of marriages, even though you already have them, you may be subconsciously trying to remember the nice moments of the relationship. Especially if you suffer from partner problems.

However, the vision of the bride and groom at the altar can also be a topical issue.

If you have a wedding before, it is likely that you will dream of it.

In such a dream, you can experience one disaster after another – ruined clothes, spoiled food or storms during an outdoor ceremony.

These are all just concerns that accompany most brides (and sometimes grooms) during this stressful time.

5. Dreams of nudity in public

Surely you know the feeling of walking among people and suddenly you find that you are not wearing pants.

Everyone is looking at you and you don’t know what to do.

Other times you can be completely naked and you can’t move around.

Only you realize that something is wrong. This type of dream is not downright negative, but it is unpleasant.

We live dreams very realistically, so walking around the office without colleagues without pants is really not very pleasant.

Covering the body with clothes symbolizes privacy or even a secret.

Exposing oneself to strangers means vulnerability and the fear that someone will expose your weaknesses.

Recurring dreams of public nudity then indicate concerns about the opinions of others, their acceptance and criticism.

They can also pretend to lose control of things.

6. Dreams of death

Death in a dream doesn’t always have to be a bad omen.

This is usually the end of one stage and the beginning of another. It is said that if you dream of the death of a loved one, it means his longevity.

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Death is an overall positive sign, although the dreams that portray it are usually not pleasant.

The symbol of death can sometimes be understood as separation from a loved one and the end of an important stage in life.

It may indicate independence from the person who dies in the dream.

Dreams of death are not nearly as negative as they may seem.

They usually mean the beginning of something new.

This may be accompanied by the fears and insecurities that death symbolizes.

The death of a partner, parent or child can be a fear of loved ones.

So basically it means you love your family.

But you have some worries and you feel insecure about the coming changes (your descendant moves to his own, goes to study in a foreign city, etc.).

Your own death in a dream can then mean that you feel lost in the world – you may be going through a difficult period, or you may not be able to absorb the changes that are happening around you.

You feel lost, unable to control your life, and helpless.

7. Dreams of pregnancy and children

Pregnancy does not necessarily mean your desire for a baby.

It is usually associated with something new. It symbolizes the beginning of a process (change of job, moving, etc.).

If you are pregnant in fact, dreams can reflect your worries, fears of childbirth and worries about caring for the offspring. But it just means you’re a caring woman.

Concerns are natural and can be projected into dreams.

Pregnancy, like children in dreams, marks new beginnings and life stages.

But the child also represents a lack of time for his own hobbies.

But what if you’re not pregnant? It then depends on the feelings experienced.

If you are happy in your dream of pregnancy, the events you are looking forward to are most likely to come into your life.

If you feel anxious and insecure, you are probably not prepared for the changes that await you.

Maybe you are trying to defend them or avoid them altogether.

8. Dreams of infidelity

Do you ever think you are cheating on your partner? You often realize this dream “infidelity” only in the morning, when you realize that you did not work at all in the dream with the fact that you are assigned.

Dreams with an erotic undertone can talk about your fantasies, but they can also be a signal of insufficient sexual activity.

One of the interpretations is also dissatisfaction with the current relationship.

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But the cause can be elsewhere: infidelity also means a reduction in principles.

If you have experienced infidelity in the past, or have met your parents, for example, fears of this experience may translate into dreams.

The disbelief of a partner in a dream then means uncertainty in the relationship, or the fear of leaving.

9. Dreams of falling

These dreams usually end in a harsh impact, to which the brain responds by awakening.

What do dreams of falling from heights actually mean?

For many people, they are very common, and even recurring.

According to expert opinions, this dream is a sign that something is not going well in your life.

Falling can symbolize too much concentration on a certain situation or life stage. Tensions and fears then translate into a fall.

A hard FALL on the ground will cause an immediate awakening. It is one of the most common dreams, which symbolizes anxiety, stress, worries and insecurity.

10. Dreams of water

Water is one of the symbols that is considered positive in dream interpretations.

It is usually associated with cleansing and also symbolizes emotions.

Depending on what the water looks like, its meanings are derived.

Clear water means liberation, regeneration and healing.

On the contrary, turbid water represents health or emotional problems, or undesirable changes.

Water in dreams has different meanings, so it always depends on what form it just appears in.

While rain usually signals unresolved issues, underwater breathing means immense strength, confidence and confidence.

According to the dreams, the sea symbolizes the acquisition of a new thing. Cold water is a symbol of calm and serenity, dirty water is a health problem.

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