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How to choose makeup according to age and skin type


In general, the younger you are, the lighter consistency and lower coverage you need. If you are at the age of 20+, in the case of problem-free skin, even a good BB cream or light moisturizing make-up will be enough, which should not lack the SPF factor, especially with increasing temperatures.

As you get older, look for “anti-wrinkles”, “youth” or “lifting” on your makeup, because then you can be sure that the composition of the makeup is adapted to more mature skin and fits well without settling in wrinkles.

Moisturizing make-up will excite dry skin, choose brightening for tired skin and matte make-up will perfectly tame oily skin.

And if you suffer from acne? You need a lot of pigment, but a creamy light structure to avoid clogging the pores! So, what kind of makeup will specifically please your skin?

Liquid or cream makeup for dry skin

It is one of the most common types of make-up: it is usually hidden in a small tube or glass with a dispenser, it is – of course – liquid and easy to spread. It is often designed for normal or dry skin, which will appreciate its moisturizing and brightening properties. For example, Max Factor Miracle Match liquid make-up with a medium-high opacity can boast of these.

If you find it too “ordinary”, try liquid makeup in a sponge. For example, you activate LancĂ´me Teint Idole Ultra Cushion moisturizing makeup by pressing on a sponge. This will bring the makeup to the surface and you can apply it. Despite its light texture, it offers a long-lasting effect.

Creamy make-up is a bit denser. It is usually intended for normal or dry skin, which it hydrates, nourishes and unifies. Such as La Roche-Posay Toleriane Teint with glycerin and hyaluronic acid.

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Mattifying makeup for normal and oily skin

Makeups in this category for those of you who desire to unify your skin and cover your imperfections, but at the same time want to keep their natural appearance.

Bet on the iconic Fit Me, for example! Matte + Poreless by Maybelline. It handles the pitfalls of oily skin whose pores do not clog. In addition, it provides the necessary dose of hydration, is easy to spread and easily adapts to the texture and color of the skin. For a delicate daily make-up, you can add other pieces from the Fit Me Matte and Poreless family, such as concealer or a hot new product: a beautiful blush.

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Foam make-up for oily and combination skin

It has a very light, soft texture to the touch, but it will surprise you with the extent to which it covers the shortcomings. It usually copes well with both mixed and oily or slightly problematic skin, because it nicely unifies the tone, covers shortcomings and completes the matte finish. Great makeup for oily skin theBalm Even Steven also tightens pores!

Compact make-up for sensitive skin and for everyone

Even the smallest envelope fits compact makeup, which you can find in two forms. Powder makeup – such as the Clarins Face Make-Up Everlasting Compact Foundation – is suitable for almost all skin types, except very dry. Although the aforementioned Clarins is enriched with moisturizing ingredients, the powdery texture of dry skin is not very good. However, it can be useful in the summer, because it copes nicely with the increasing skin shine (and in some cases it can replace powder). You can try the cream structure with MAC Studio Tech sensitive skin make-up, enriched with light-scattering particles, brightening and softening facial contours. It is richly pigmented and suitable for all skin types!

Acne makeup in a stick

A special kind of compact is make-up in a stick. They tend to be the densest, most pigmented, longest holding and often multifunctional. They combine make-up and concealer, because you only need to apply them to problematic areas of the face. They work perfectly with contouring. And despite their density, they are soft, can be matted and have a velvet finish. Try makeup for problematic skin, for example, Maybelline Superstay Stick!

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