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10 tips against headaches and why we have headache


Why does our head hurt? A frequently asked question that we probably found the answer to. ✔️ Try our 10 tips to fight headaches. We will advise you why the head hurts and what can cause the pain. And here are some tips on how to turn around with a headache! Welcome…

Why does our head hurt?

Sometimes you know why your head hurts and you are ready for it to come. But other times, the headache comes creepy, it just comes and nothing can be done.

Did you know that the most common type of headache is so-called tension headache? And unfortunately, our lifestyle is often behind this problem. In general, the most common cause of headaches is our approach.

An example might be:

  • inability to rest properly
  • poor posture
  • emotional and mental stress, depression
  • anxiety and tension
  • fatigue, switching forces
  • hunger or dehydration
  • lack of sleep or, conversely, too much sleep
  • caffeine, smoking, alcohol

If you’ve found yourself a few times, pay attention. Maybe that’s why you suffer from a headache that you can’t get rid of.

We often forget about common standards of life. The headache met almost every one of us. Sometimes the pain is mild, sometimes it can escalate into an unbearable migraine. And that’s why we try a few of our tips.


Think about what your drinking regime looks like from time to time. If you often indulge in coffee, a little sip of alcohol in the evening and at the end of the day you do not drink even 2 liters of water, be smart. No wonder your head hurts. Therefore, try to add liquids honestly, which definitely do not include coffee or alcohol! Only clean water, tea or fruit syrups. The amount we should drink per day then depends on our activity. Some people need 2 liters, others need up to 4 liters of fluids.

And we should not forget about diet. What you eat is also important. Water is also contained in fruits and vegetables.

However, if there is no change in the whole day and you can’t get into a regular drinking regime, try to be tricked. Keep a glass of water on your eyes at all times. Then go top up after every hour. Thanks to this, you will be able to replenish fluids effectively and in the evening, you will fall asleep with a clear head.


However, immediately and plain – clean water will not save you. Along with the drinking regime, it is necessary to drive to a modified lifestyle.

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If you often drink alcohol, including weekday work evenings. If you can’t forgive cigarettes and spend the evening watching TV, don’t be surprised. For example, behind the headache, if we overdo it, can nicotine. It constricts blood vessels and reduces blood flow.

If you want to prevent headaches, bet on a new diet. Skip fatty foods from fast foods. Forget about desserts and most importantly, don’t go to the other extreme. Do not starve, otherwise you will struggle with a headache for life.

Cervical spine – do not underestimate her influence

Do you hunch around your PC every day? Do you crouch under a heavy backpack? With the arrival of the evening, a headache will naturally appear. After all, your head starts to hurt just from the cervical spine. Sometimes, when she’s at her worst, hands tingle accompanies her. Therefore, prevention is correct posture, movement and time.

Learn to sit up straight. And from time to time, take a glass of water as you walk around the office to refill it. Also adjust the position of the screen, keyboard, and desk. It is ideal to have a positioning table for better seating.

We recommend frequent breaks when working. And once you get there, try relaxation exercises. There are already a number of videos that you can do in the office.

Sleep Disorders

Sleep quality is often associated with headaches. If we are tired, we do not sleep well and in the end, our neck muscles stiffen. And as you already know, the cervical spine has a major effect on the headache. Did you know that any changes in sleep patterns can trigger a migraine in some people? And then we wonder why we sometimes have a headache.

woman sleeping on bed under blankets

10 + 1 tips against a headache

If you often have a headache, it does not mean that you are “sick”. That is why we have written a few tips for you on how to deal with the disease. They may help you identify the cause and find a solution.

1. Take notes

As soon as you have a headache or feel pain coming, write down everything you can think of in connection with the headache. It is this approach that may reveal where you are making a mistake.

2. Watch your diet

You may be surprised, but some foods can make you feel headache. After all, experts say that up to 30% of headaches are caused by an inappropriate diet. If you frequently consume red wine, cold cuts or foods with an excess of salt, pay attention. Maybe that’s what caused your problems.

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3. Regular diet – the basis of success

In addition to what we consume, it is also important for our body whether we eat regularly. Thanks to restless overeating or starvation throughout the day, we can start to hurt not only our bellies. But maybe just the head.

4. Drinking regime

Top up fluids as much as possible. And whenever it goes… Lack of fluids as the cause of headaches is a well-known thing. This is usually the most common cause. You didn’t know that, did you?

person holding clear drinking glass

5. Add magnesium

As well as athletes, we recommend that you focus on a sufficient supply of magnesium. It is his lack that often causes a headache. You can supplement it either in food supplements or with the help of mineral water. At the same time, try to increase the volume of leafy vegetables in the diet.

6. Forget caffeine, alcohol and smoking

As we have already mentioned, a healthy lifestyle goes hand in hand with a headache. Therefore, try to reduce or minimize in your life excessive consumption of a cup of coffee, alcohol or dozens of packs of cigarettes per month.

7. Sleep mode

Lack of sleep at night, sleep intermittent and poor quality, little sleep or, conversely, too much. Yes, even in this case, this can be a trigger for the headache. Therefore, at least one hour before bedtime, turn off the lights, put down the electronics and relax. You will see that the headache disappears over time.

8. Movement, movement and movement again

And it’s not just about the gym. You really don’t have to… Just move around at home, go for a walk or just go shopping on foot.

9. Get rid of stress

It doesn’t seem like that, but stress is another trigger for headaches. Learn to recognize when you are stressed and slow down.

10. Put on an ice pack

Do not hesitate and cover your head with ice packs. You won’t believe me, but it works.

11. Reckless swallowing of pills is the way to hell

We may contradict each other, but trust me, pills should not be the first thing you reach for. After all, experts have not been able to agree for a long time what kind of drugs cause headaches. Finally, they found that overuse of headache medications often had the opposite effect.

Finally, we provide information on what diseases can cause this problem. Do not underestimate the long-term or increasing tendency of headaches.

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However, among the most common diseases that are a common cause of headaches:

  • common infections (flu or cold)
  • sinusitis (inflammation of the nasal cavities)
  • stroke
  • cerebral aneurysm (cerebral artery edema)
  • concussion or other severe head and cervical spine injuries
  • brain tumor

and that’s not the end of it…


While tension headaches have sometimes made life difficult for almost everyone, very often migraines also occur in connection with headaches. According to research, it can adversely affect the lives of up to 20% of the female population and up to 6% of men. And unfortunately, as many studies show, migraines affect an ever younger population.

Seizures of throbbing pain in one half of the head in the area of ​​the eye or temples, which last up to 72 hours – even so, migraines can be described. This is also accompanied by negative reactions to noise, odors, light and, in some, nausea or vomiting.

If you are physically active and have a migraine, you can only make your condition worse. That is why it is essential to look for peace, quiet and a cool environment. It is essential to follow a drinking regime, avoid stress and indulge in quality sleep as much as possible. It is also important to eat and drink regularly, as blood sugar fluctuations and dehydration can contribute to the development of pain.

Secondary headache

The so-called secondary headache often accompanies a number of more or less serious illnesses. Most often, the headache is caused by high blood pressure, inflammation, but also alcohol consumption. It is often sudden, very strong and can paralyze the whole body.

According to a number of studies, up to 25% of headaches are caused by the cervical spine. Overloading the area is the most common trigger.

It follows from the above that headache is a common phenomenon that can accompany both trivial disease and a very severe, sometimes life-threatening condition.

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