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7 Tips How to get rid of acne


It bothers men and women, girls and boys. It reflects stress, hormonal changes, lack of exercise and poor eating habits. And it can make life very uncomfortable. Most of all in situations where you care so much about how you look. What are we talking about? You’re guessing right. Let’s take acne at the forefront today. Is it possible to get rid of it in the long run and easily? And what does it say about your body?

Acne bothers young people the most. Not only because it occurs most often during girls and boys puberty, but also because we are not so sure of ourselves at puberty.

It is a time when we care most about how our surroundings perceive and accept us. We try to please our friends, but above all to ourselves.

And the ugly pimples on all the visible parts of the body, which are easily inflamed and often leave a small light scar, do not add much to anyone’s self-confidence.

Is acne a problem for you? Then you are guaranteed to know about the feelings that the presence of pimples evokes. But you don’t have to despair.

There are some good tips on how to get rid of acne or at least eliminate it as much as possible.

How acne develops

In order to find the answer to getting rid of acne, we should first clarify what exactly is behind its onset. The most common cause of unpleasant-looking pimples are hormonal changes. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that acne disappears completely from your life as you reach puberty.

The pimples on the skin form when the duct with the sebaceous gland becomes clogged. In contact with impurities, subcutaneous inflammation then easily forms on the skin.

The skin naturally produces sebum, which is beneficial to human skin.

Thanks to it, your skin can adapt to the harsh sun during the hot summer and will not dry out even during a long stay in the frost. If the skin is healthy, the ointment will naturally dissolve on the skin.

On the contrary, pimples then form, simply put, at the moment when the sebaceous gland duct (professionally the hair follicle) becomes clogged.

In contact with impurities, subcutaneous inflammation then easily forms on the skin. Signs of inflammation are usually not visible on the skin right away.

However, with the subsequent production of sebum, the inflammation progresses and soon affects the skin.

Sebaceous glands are the cause of several types of acne. You may notice black or white dots and red pimples on your skin.

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Time fixes something

The onset of acne is closely related to genetics, but also to hormonal changes. That is why teenage boys and girls most often suffer from inflamed skin.

So if you suffer from excessive acne and are in adolescence, your chances of acne developing soon are more than great. This is especially true for boys.

Girls influence hormonal changes even during adulthood. They can then observe beauty defects on their skin in later years. Most often during menstruation, during and after pregnancy or during menopause.

Whatever category you fall into, if acne is your problem, it certainly doesn’t mean that the only solution is to wait for the end of hormonal changes.

Declare war on pimples

If you learn to take proper care of your problematic skin, it will soon have a positive effect on your appearance.

But the Internet is full of guaranteed advice, which often ends in advertising for a specific product that will rid you of acne once and for all.

However, the truth is that if you want to reduce the formation of pimples on your skin and boast healthy skin, simply rubbing the skin with expensive products is probably not enough.

So what to do if you are bothered by skin full of pimples? Try the following 7 tips.

1. Keep your skin clean

Cleanliness is half the health, and this is doubly true for problematic skin. If you suffer from acne, try to remove all impurities from your skin on a regular basis. Do not squeeze the pimples.

However, remove the remnants of your make-up from your face every evening and it is best to perform a deep cleansing of all the places where pimples are forming twice a day. It can be the face, but also the neck, shoulders, back or cleavage.

There are a number of cosmetics on the market that cleanse the skin and regulate sebum production. All you have to do is choose the one that suits you best.

Once a week, you can apply a cleansing peel to your skin. In many cases, however, you can also think of washing your face and other problem areas more often with clean water. Especially after you sweat.

2. Wash your hands regularly

Clean hands are closely related to the purity of our skin.

Therefore, if your face is bothered by inflamed pimples, try to keep your hands as clean as possible.

This will reduce the amount of bacteria that get from your hands to your skin, thus eliminating the formation of inflamed areas.

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If you know that you are in the habit of touching your face too often, think more often that your hands can be a source of infection, and try to reduce your bad habit as much as possible. You may be surprised how even such a trifle can do wonders with your skin.

3. Change your diet

A healthy lifestyle also means healthy skin. Medical research shows that excessive intake of sugars and fats has a direct negative effect on skin health.

To get rid of pimples, avoid sweets, fried foods and other junk food, for example. In addition, if you replace them with fruits and vegetables, your skin will soon repay you for it.

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4. Get rid of stress

You’re probably watching it too. When you have a demanding paper at school, problems at work or you are experiencing a stressful period in your family, it will immediately affect your skin.

Therefore, enjoy regular sleep, do not panic and try not to put your mind under excessive pressure. In short, get as comfortable as possible. At least as far as it goes.

Regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle are affected by both the physical condition and figure, as well as the appearance of the skin.

5. Keep moving

Of course, enough movement is also related to the well-being of the mind. Don’t forget sports, even when you have a lot.

Not only will regular exercise have a positive effect on your beauty, but you will also find that physical activity helps you stay on top of things and deal with challenging stressful situations with due diligence.

6. Try natural remedies

Nature is a powerful witch. Although it cannot completely drive away all ailments, it can relieve you of many problems. And these undoubtedly include acne.

Think about the lack of important vitamins and minerals in your diet. Vitamins A, C, E, D and B vitamins affect skin health, for example. In addition, zinc and selenium will also benefit your skin.

You can then try natural remedies for natural acne that have natural antibacterial effects. These include, for example, panthenol or tea tree oil. But green tea, aloe vera, hemp or, for example, brewer’s yeast will also take care of healthier skin.

7. Choose your cosmetics carefully

You may not be one of those who enjoy taking care of your body.

However, if you are bothered by acne, you should pay extra attention to the choice of drugstores and cosmetics.

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Unsuitable products applied to sensitive skin unnecessarily irritate inflamed areas. Therefore, when choosing a shower gel, shampoo, make-up or shaving products, always choose gentle products for problematic skin.

Instead, avoid creams, sunscreens and cosmetics that clog pores and irritate problematic skin.

Of course, this does not necessarily mean that the more expensive the product you buy, the better off you will be.

Sometimes the cheap water you buy at any drugstore can also have a positive effect on your skin.

Bottom Line

Achieving healthy skin is not a dream that cannot come true. Often you just need to start focusing on what is causing your acne and remove all bad habits from your life.

However, if you are one of those who have been fighting acne for a long time and the condition of your skin is still not improving, do not be afraid to turn to experts.

They will use special methods, devices and products to take care of your skin. This will save you a lot of worries, time and often money.

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