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Don’t be afraid to accept your age


We cannot stop time, but it is not even needed today. Despite plastic surgery, you can age into beauty. In order to maintain a nice look even in old age, it is necessary to work on it at a young age. Beauty, well-being and serenity do not appear overnight.

It is said that beauty comes from inside. A beautiful woman is above all a healthy woman. You don’t have to use tons of makeup or make cosmetic treatments. Botox and liposuction are not the basis of a beautiful and young-looking woman. The real secret of a great look lies in a properly set up lifestyle.

Nowadays, age is really just a number. Life expectancy has increased significantly compared to previous centuries. After all, in 1900 the maximum age of women was 48. Today, the border is around 80 on average, and many women, thanks to a healthy lifestyle are able to raise even this border.

Successful women are also no youths. Many well-known and famous writers wrote their major works up to the age of forty (eg J.K. Rowling). The world is full of great elderly women who are beautiful, elegant and definitely do not lack grace.

Just look at Meryl Streep or Helen Mirren – they are over 70 and yet many of us would like to look just like them.

Moving towards a healthy body

Studies show that regular exercise helps stop time. Not literally, of course. Intense exercise 5 times a week helps to slow down aging. With regular exercise, your body will be healthy, you will maintain a slim line, you will have more strength, and you can even prevent some diseases.

A healthy and trained body is more resistant to stiffness and pain. Manual work is a similar way to maintain a healthy body. Mowing the grass in the garden or working around the house is a natural movement that helps keep the body young

Properly set menu

Well-established eating habits are just as important as exercise. The key is to avoid fast food and not eat too fatty foods. The basis should be a varied and balanced diet full of vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds and healthy oils. This is the only way to keep your body healthy and vital for many years. Mainly because a healthy diet can prevent many diseases, especially cardiovascular diseases.

Poor diet also increases blood cholesterol, blood pressure or diabetes. Increased fat intake causes hardening of blood vessels and clogging. A number of health complications can occur due to vascular obstruction, including embolism or heart attack.

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You don’t have to stuff raw food and drink low-calorie smoothies all your life to slow down the aging process. The important thing is to be optimistic, to take life with ease and to be able to enjoy it. We only live once!

Get enough sleep

After a sleepless night, you may find that your eyes are decorated with huge gray circles, you look tired, your skin is dull and lifeless. Sleep is important at any age. Therefore, learn to relax and treat yourself to at least 8 hours of quality sleep a day.

Rested skin is turned off, radiant and looks fresh. During sleep, skin cells regenerate and levels of stress hormones (especially cortisol) balance. Then just a little make-up is enough to underline your natural beauty.

However, with aging, there are also problems with sleep, so it is not always easy sleep in to pink. You can practice your habits by going to bed at about the same time and getting up in shape. Avoid electronics and falling asleep watching TV. Create a pleasant climate (rather colder) and darkness in the room.

Experience or learn something new

It is said that we learn all our lives. But learning is not always a must, it can also be fun. Learn to take a picture like a pro, take a diving course or try any other skill. Trying new things is fun and rewarding. Take a yoga class and learn to meditate, relax and get rid of stress. Or just buy a new book and get inspired.

Life is full of possibilities and age certainly does not have to be an obstacle. New experiences will put a smile on your face and you will also get new experiences that you can share with your loved ones.

What to watch out for

For example, in old age, you should limit direct sun exposure and sunbathing. Even if you have beautiful brown skin, the sun’s rays will add a lot of wrinkles. They are also responsible for the loss of skin elastin. The skin will no longer be supple and smooth. You won’t avoid skin aging, but you can slow it down if you don’t overdo it in the sun.

The older a person is, the more they need to hydrate their skin. Without adequate hydration, the skin may look older than it actually is. It is therefore advisable to use moisturizing creams that are intended for mature skin. They take care of deep hydration and nourish the skin at the same time.

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Not only the skin but also the whole body needs to replenish water and fluids. Drinking is important at any age, and especially in the advanced. Water flushes out toxins from the body, helps with digestion and supports the function of body cells. Following a drinking regimen will help you sleep better, concentrate, and you can even lose weight. Water prevents the skin from drying out and helps keep the skin off.

Creams for mature skin

At an advanced age, it is advisable to have two creams: day and night. Daily usually contains a UV factor, which is very important because it protects the skin from the sun’s rays. The night cream tends to have a denser consistency. It is full of vitamins and thanks to that the skin is perfectly nourished overnight.

Dermatologists usually label mature skin from the age of 35. During this period, the skin begins to lose its elasticity, collagen and elasticin. Therefore, creams are suitable that help reduce the formation of wrinkles, smooth the skin and also act against pigment spots.

Every woman can be beautiful. Maintaining a youthful appearance is not difficult. The basis is positive thinking and joy of life. Every woman should love herself above all, take care of herself and want to live a life full of beautiful moments.





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