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10 Tips: How to naturally beat anxiety


Are you trying to figure out how to get rid of anxiety? Maybe we can help you – here are 10 tips on how to remove it with natural steps.

What is anxiety

Anxiety is an unpleasant condition in which we experience fear that escalates and is accompanied by physical symptoms.

Just as stress tells us that something is wrong, it helps us think more rationally and be more careful. But if it accompanies our lives every day, it often takes all control over it. We wake up with a feeling that prevents us from concentrating, choosing freely and overcoming obstacles. In addition to the bad thoughts that scare us, we also experience:

  • increased heart rate

  • impaired breathing

  • increased muscle tension

  • abdominal pain

In the long run, worse problems such as menstrual disorders, loss of sexual libido, erection problems can occur.

When you don’t cure anxiety, everything just packs up and you feel worse and worse. Anxiety goes hand in hand with addictions, stress and other mental illnesses with which they interact.

So what can you do to make the anxiety go away?

How to get rid of anxiety?

If the anxiety in your life worsens its quality, it’s time to do something about it. Believe me, you can get rid of it even without medication, because it all started in your head, so it can end here too.

But first, you should consciously want to change your problem and believe that you can do something about it. If you don’t believe it, you will probably have a hard time fixing anything.

Do you believe that you can get rid of anxiety? Then try these tips:

1. Find professional help

To find out what causes anxiety and how you can specifically eliminate it, it is worth visiting a psychologist. Because the therapist is not a doctor, he cannot prescribe you any medication, he only treats you with therapy.

Because you live in your own head, you may not see the reality going on around you. You either overlook a lot of things or misinterpret them, and the therapist can help you with that.

Every problem has a cause, and when you find it, you can do something about it – eliminate it or change your attitude.

You may be surprised at how deep your psyche goes and how everything affected it. Thanks to this, you will understand a lot of things that would not otherwise occur to you and you will know how to handle information about yourself.

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There is nothing to be ashamed of, a psychologist will show you how to get to know yourself better and learn to work with yourself.

2. Be active

Whether you are running, practicing yoga or going to the gym, most importantly, find something that you will enjoy.

Through exercise, we secrete hormones (dopamine, serotonin, endrophin, enkephalin and endocannabinoids) into the body, which cause good mood and stress relief.

Yoga, which combines breath and movement in one, can also be a great help in anxiety. You stay in yoga positions long enough to have time to breathe properly and regularly to calm down.

During working out, you should not think about anything and only focus on movement.

3. Avoid alcohol and cigarettes

Even though a lot of people in stress turn to these two solutions, it’s not good.

Alcohol and cigarettes are addictive substances that can become a permanent solution. In addition, both support the development of anxiety, so you will experience worsening rather than improvement.

Anxiety occurs in addictions as one of the symptoms, and so an individual with anxiety may become addicted.

There is only a thin line between when alcohol is a helper and when it is more of a master, so it is not recommended at all for patients with mental health problems.

4. Get rid of caffeine

Like alcohol and cigarettes, caffeine is a socially acceptable drug.

Caffeine is not bad in itself, it even has a lot of benefits for a healthy individual. But if you have anxiety, you should skip it.

Why? It increases the heart rate and generally speeds up the body, causing or worsening anxiety and restlessness.

If you can’t calm down even in a normal mood, coffee will definitely not help you. Reduce your consumption or omit caffeine altogether. But don’t be hard on yourself and gradually reduce the dose.

5. Take care of your sleep

Sleep solves everything.

If you feel that it is too much for you and you do not see a way out, go to bed. You will see that when you wake up, everything will seem easier to you.

In addition to rest, sleep gives us a new perspective, because even though we sleep, our brains are constantly working and trying to solve problems that we cannot come up with in broad daylight.

It can handle even anxiety – your mind will calm down and your body will relax completely, which is exactly what you need. Insufficient sleep makes you more difficult to deal with daily situations, and everything seems harder. 

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6. Try meditation and breathing exercises

Sit or lie down for a few minutes and just focus on your breath.

Take a deep breath in your stomach and try not to think about anything. Imagine that you have sailed away for a while and come back again.

If you prefer guided meditation, you will certainly find one for you on YouTube completely free. So you can meditate for a while or longer, it’s up to you.

Breathing exercises are often incorporated into yoga and meditation. The most common include:

  • Even breathing – count to 4 when inhaling, to 4 when exhaling through your nose (later up to 6 to 8)
  • Abdominal breathing technique – one hand on the abdomen, the other on the chest – when inhaling, let the diaphragm tighten and then exhale slowly
  • Alternating the nostrils – cover one nostril with your finger, inhale and alternate sides when exhaling. Inhale again through the hole you exhaled and exhale the other. In this way, take turns and keep inhaling and exhaling for the same amount of time.
  • Breathing 4-7-8 – count to 4 when inhaling, hold your breath for 7 seconds and exhale for 8 seconds

Controlled breathing will help you manage a stressful situation and guide you to the present moment. You will be surprised by the power of your breath.

7. Eat healthy

Food can also affect your psyche – pay attention to foods with artificial sweeteners and dyes. Instead, eat the fresh ones that you process yourself, so you can be sure of what the food is made.

A healthy diet benefits your body in general and by supplementing the necessary nutrients it can work exactly as it should. 

8. Listen to music

Surely you know that your favorite song can kick you like nothing else. Listen it when you don’t feel the best. The memories you have associated with it awaken emotions in you, both the negative and the positive ones – and focus on them. Feel free to dance and get endorphins into your body.

Scientists claim that the music of the famous Mozart is a great help to calm down. The truth is that you can listen to it at work, as you will not be disturbed by the text. Even if you do not normally listen to piano music, you will not pay anything for the try. And who knows, maybe it’ll catch you.

9. Aromatherapy against anxiety

The scent can also have a big effect on you, so at a time when you are not feeling well, surround yourself with a pleasant scentIt will put you in a good mood, help you sleep, relax, lower your heart rate and blood pressure. You can use a candle, diffuser or scents in the bathtub.

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10. Use the power of herbs

Nature is very rich and brings us a lot of herbs that relieve pain and discomfort. One of them is chamomile, which promotes better sleep and calms the nerves. Lemon balm, hops, valerian or St. John’s wort are also suitable.

If you want something natural, but you have already tried the most famous herbs, reach for the CBD. You can find it in the form of oils under the tongue, vaporization, but also teas. It can calm your mind and give you a well-deserved rest. 


If you have more frequent problems with self-control and anxious thoughts lead you astray, use one of our tips and successfully get rid of anxiety. Don’t forget to start solving your problem in time so that the subsequent treatment is not even more complicated. Don’t worry, even the psyche sometimes needs your help to get back in order. 

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