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How to get rid of negative thoughts quickly and forever


I’m stupid, incompetent and I can never do anything, I’m fat, old and I’ll never find a good guy. This is just a small list of negative thoughts that bother us every day. How to get rid of negative thoughts quickly and forever?

None of our thoughts are coincidental. Everyone in the world thinks according to certain patterns. We have developed our thought patterns and programs during the first 16 years of our lives and have been with us ever since.

Negative programs are the reason for our dissatisfaction, bad decisions, quarrels, and in general all the bad feelings we experience during our daily lives.

Today, you will finally learn how to get rid of your negative thoughts and programs.

Types of thoughts

Thoughts that do not evoke any emotions in us are neutral thoughts and have no effect on our lives.

Thoughts that evoke pleasant feelings in us are positive thoughts, and of course we do not want to get rid of them.

Only thoughts that evoke unpleasant feelings in us, negative thoughts, bring chaos and suffering to our lives. Therefore, for the rest of the article, we will deal with these very ideas.

How to get rid of negative thoughts

1. Different interpretation of the situation

I can change the way I think about the situation. Sometimes it happens completely spontaneously, when “suddenly” I come to some knowledge and my opinion changes.

I can also change my thinking by force of will. There are a number of tools for this, and we will now introduce two that are among the most well-known.

Positive thinking

The first way to get rid of your negative thoughts is to consciously try to look at everything from a perspective that evokes pleasant, not unpleasant feelings.

The point is to identify your current thoughts and then try to change them.


Affirmation sounds like a particularly complex word, but it’s actually something like a “positive sentence.”

In some cases, a negative thought can be “overwhelmed” by a positive thought. The principle of the method is to change in what I believe at the moment.

You need to persevere and repeat the idea every day. After a while, the brain should stop defending itself and accept the idea.

It is best to confirm this new idea not only by repeating the affirmation, but also by changing the overall behavior and thinking.

A lot of people have achieved amazing results through positive thinking and repetitive affirmations. Sometimes, however, our negative programs are still stronger and still evoke bad feelings in us. In that case, there is nothing left but to get rid of your negative program.

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2. Delete the program

The goal is for the thoughts to stop making us feel bad.

If we remove the negative charge from a negative thought, it becomes a neutral thought. It will no longer have any effect on us – it will not bring us an unpleasant feeling and thus affect the perception of the whole situation.

How to get rid of your negative thoughts and make them neutral thoughts?

Reconciliation and acceptance

The essence of technique is the idea of ​​acceptance. As soon as you stop fighting with negative thoughts internally, negative emotions will be released.

For example, if bothered you that you aren’t smart, you’re fat, someone else is better, or you don’t have what you want. It’s about coming to terms with that idea. Once you reconcile with this, the energy of this thought will be released, and suddenly it will stop bothering you. And that will probably stop being true.

I know how strange it sounds, and if I didn’t have much personal experience with this technique, I would hardly believe it myself. But if you knows the right methods to accept an idea, you can really accept anything.

Techniques of accepting negative programs

One of popular techniques is Vasana Daha TantraIt works like this: take a piece of paper, write your negative experience on it, and then crumple and burn the paper. The point is to move emotions from the mind to the paper and then get rid of this emotion completely during burning.

Time does not heal the wound. Bad experiences really need to be tackled. We can no longer change the experience we have had, but we can change the emotions we have of that experience.

For completeness, I mention another well-known way to work with your mind, and that is meditation.

3. Combination of both methods

The essence of meditation is to reach low levels of brain waves and enter your subconscious. There, then, the subconscious associations, thought patterns, and patterns of behavior that we have created during our life are interrupted and transformed.

Deal with your negative thoughts once and for all in one of the following ways:

  • positive thinking
  • affirmation
  • acceptance
  • meditation





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