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How to handle a long-haul flight?


If you fly abroad and on long-haul flights often, then you have probably got used to them. However, if you are planning a multi-hour flight to overseas, Africa, Asia or Australia for the first time, we have prepared some advice for you on how to prepare for long-haul flight and what to expect.

The problem of long haul-flights

During the many-hour flight, there are mainly two problems waiting for you (especially if you fly in lowcost).

The first is logically boredom, the second is the possibility of health problems if you don’t want to move all the way from your seat and don’t drink enough. Take a sufficient walk before boarding the plane. And if you can’t sleep for a whole flight, then read on.

10 Tips on How to overcome a long-haul flight

Don’t forget to drink enough

The basic health problem in the case of a long flight is blood circulation and dehydration. If possible, avoid coffee and alcohol (including wine and beer), which has a diuretic effect and thickens blood in the body. The same goes before departure, so keep that in mind.

Prefer caffeine-free soft drinks or, even better, still mineral waters, which will prevent your dehydration. Even during the flight, you need to drink at least two liters of fluid a day, as recommended, so drink and drink. If you bring snacks, do not overeat and choose a lighter meal, such as fruit.

Comfortable clothes

Don’t mess with fashion. Being “tied” in tight clothes is not pleasant even on a short flight. So always choose looser clothes and possibly a slippers, so you are not in tight shoes. Even better is to take off your shoes immediately.

Also pay attention to the time of year and the weather. On a plane, it doesn’t matter what time of year it is and people are often cold. You can just sit in the seat, where the air conditioning will blow directly on you and then not even a blanket will help you.

Therefore, especially for colder individuals, we definitely recommend wearing at least a light sweater. Socks are always suitable.

Don’t forget to pack earplugs or a sleeping mask (a scarf is also an ideal and versatile tool) if you want to sleep in peace.

On long-haul flights, some airlines will give you a pillow and blanket completely automatically, sometimes it is enough just to ask a flight attendant.

Economy class syndrome

If you sit in a space for a long time without the possibility of movement, stretching of the legs or change of position, the blood circulation may be restricted and the blood in the legs may clot.

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From this you can expect, for example, swelling, varicose veins or even worse venous thrombosis (on flights over five hours), ie a blood clot. It is not fatal, but can cause lung embolism or heart attack.

Therefore, in addition to wearing compression clothing, always try to stretch, bend your legs, make your sitting as comfortable as possible.

Go to the toilet or walk around the plane at regular intervals at least once an hour.

When sitting, keep your legs outstretched and lean your body sufficiently into the seat. Needless to say, the best place is at the alley.

Exercises on the flight

If the space and staff of the plane allow you, try to do at least simple stretching exercises on a regular basis in addition to “walks”.

Circle your hands, feet and neck, shake your hands and fingers, lean forward to your knees and back.

When you have a free alley, don’t be afraid to work out a little more. Stand on tiptoe, tread, etc. Some may find it funny, but unlike him, you avoid health problems.

Away with boredom during the flight

If you are not one of the sleepers who can fall asleep on a plane, then you can’t do without fun. And it’s definitely better than boredom.

Although on long-haul flights you will usually be in better planes, which in addition to the daily press have interactive screens with games and TV in the back of the seats. It is better to prepare your own entertainment – book, magazine, crossword puzzle, reader, tablet, laptop, music player (not only with music, but maybe something relaxing) and anything else that drives boredom away.

Don’t forget to charge your electronics and take a power bank, for example. You can also talk to other passengers and learn something interesting. And whoever excuses  that he doesn’t have time to think, he will definitely have enough here.

Time shift

You can definitely expect fatigue after a long flight due to the time lag. In this case, a person is affected by sleep, food, exercise and light.

Therefore, prepare in advance and if you are heading east, go to bed earlier, and on the way west, as late as possible. Once you land, try to get used to the new mode.

If it’s morning, don’t go to bed, if it’s evening, go to bed.

Keep your watch ideally adjusted. If you don’t normally eat heavy food at this time, don’t do it now and adapt sooner. Also avoid drinking caffeine.

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The sooner you get used to it, the better for you. It usually takes us two to three days.

Business class advantage

You can easily eliminate a lot of problems during a multi-hour flight – if you pay extra for business class and do not fly in a regular economy class.

You will have better seats, far more space, even more fun, free snacks and drinks. Although it costs something, many travelers would not fly a long route along the economy class.

Enjoy it

Even if you wriggle in your seat, boredom will crush you and you will not fall asleep, try to enjoy it. Think about the destination of your trip, a successful meeting or vacation and all the experiences that await you after that long-haul flight.


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