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Simple tips: How to travel cheaply


Discovering the beauties of the world is the dream of many of us. But who can afford to travel half the globe with a regular income? Traveling may not be as expensive as it seems at first glance. All you have to do is have a good mood, a desire for adventure and a desire to discover.

Exchange your regular vacation for something extraordinary. Come with us to discover cheap travel. It offers many possibilities, is unfettered and full of new experiences.

Step 1: Select a destination

Traveling around the world may not be expensive, but you need to approach it responsibly. You always spend some money on insurance, which is one of the items that should never be missed. Nevertheless, it is possible to travel with a lower budget. First of all, you need to choose a country that will not cost you a fortune.

Of the European countries, the most suitable destinations are, for example, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, in the south it is Italy, in the west Spain. If you are attracted by more exotic destinations, it pays to think about Asia and India.

Depending on what you want to do in a given country, you can choose differently: especially young people prefer the countries in which they can also work. These are mainly England, but also Australia. The most common job position is au pair, waiter, English teacher or skiing / yoga instructor, etc. The advantage of combining work and travel is that you earn some money even during your stay.

The alternative is to exchange work for accommodation (eg you work in a hostel, where they provide you with a free room to sleep in). Going to work is the most common way to visit a foreign country and stay there for a while. Isn’t this way of traveling for you? So read on.

Step 2: Transport selection

If you decide to try cheap travel, you definitely can’t look for comfort. You probably won’t be staying in a four-star hotel, but you don’t even have to stay under a tent. Significant savings can be made on transport. We will not recommend that you hitchhike, although this is also an option. Not very safe or comfortable, but cheap.

If you want to visit Asia, check your ticket prices on an ongoing basis. Define the period in which you would like to fly in advance. Traveling with friends is also advantageous – you can save more money thanks to a mass ticket, and you will not be alone in a foreign country. You will have someone to share your experiences with.

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Another item that can be saved is the transfer from the airport. Of course, it’s easier to travel in a foreign country with uber, but if you make a little effort, you can easily find local public transport on the Internet, including departures and arrivals or transfers. You can save a lot of money.

Step 3: Choosing accommodation

Accommodation is another important step that can affect the entire budget. If you have decided to travel cheaply, you probably don’t even consider a luxury hotel. But you can use other ways to find suitable accommodation in a foreign location.

One of the best ways to get nice accommodation is to take advantage of websites that offer shared accommodation. An example is Airbnb, where people offer their cottages or apartments for rent for a few days to people like you – who come to a foreign country, want to explore it and return home. Thanks to this method, you can come across nice apartments in the center.

You can compare different accommodation options on comparators and find the most advantageous offers. One of them is Trivago. You can find accommodation in hostels around the world, for example, on Another alternative is free accommodation. There is also such a possibility. An example is Couchsurfing. This is a free service. It is a shared accommodation between people who selflessly open the doors to their homes and welcome people who are looking for a couch where they can sleep.

Step 4: Food

ake only the essentials, don’t pull suitcases full of things you don’t need. The only thing that comes in handy is money. When you save on travel expenses, you have more time to taste local cuisine or buy a nice souvenir.

Visiting abroad directly calls for dining in restaurants. We do not say that you do not have to taste local specialties, but you can save significantly on your diet. When discovering the tastes of the foreign cuisine, avoid large restaurants in tourist centers. Ask the locals where you can eat well. You may come across a small lively pub serving the best local food. And maybe they’ll share a recipe with you.

If you use some type of shared housing, you have the advantage of your own kitchen. All you have to do is buy some food at the grocery store or supermarket and cook something by yourself. Easy with the locals. Preparing and sharing food is very rewarding. You will meet new people and tastes and learn something new.

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Step 5: Trips

You can easily arrange trips around the area on your own. Before you travel, take a look at the opportunities offered by the location. You can go for nature, all you need is comfortable boots or sightseeing. To keep the experience fresh, bring your camera and document everything. Study interesting facts about buildings or natural formations from manuals and the Internet, or ask local people, maybe they will share some of the legend with you.

Offers for trips and experiences can also be found on various websites. As an example, we will mention Airbnb again. Here you will find various activities. You can go to Paris and learn to bake the best croissants with the local chef, taste the wine and cheese with the sommelier, or follow in the footsteps of the mysteries of the streets of Paris.

If you are looking for more exotics, look for experiences in the East: you can discover the secret tattoos of Sak Yant in Bangkok, go on a food tour in Varanasi, India, or discover the untamed nature or traditional cuisine in Sri Lanka. Depending on the selected activity, you will pay a price in the order of couple dollars per person, some experiences are more expensive and range above the thousands.

Step 6:Enjoy

You already have all the instructions for arranging the trip, now we have no choice but to tune you to the right travel wave. Don’t be afraid to go to parts you don’t know. You don’t have to travel cheaply only to distant destinations like Asia, India or Japan. You can also go to much closer places.

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