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How To Secure a House When You go on Vacation


Don’t make it easier for thieves. These few tips will ensure you a peaceful holiday, during which you will not be afraid if your house has not been invaded by uninvited guests. How should you secure a house before you go on holiday?

Whether you are planning to visit your parents or Egypt, a vacation could turn into a nightmare if you do not think about the safety of your property.

Of course, we don’t want to scare you.

However, it is always better to think about the worst and thus avoid it.

During the holidays, thieves have a main season, because taking advantage of your absence to break into is a great opportunity.

Be prepared for this and secure your valuables.

Quality locks and other necessities

The absolute basis is the front door, which corresponds to at least the third security class.

You should have quality locks on all doors that lead to the property.

Also think of a garage, shed or cellar and at least get them a reliable padlock.

This is also important because of the insurance company, which does not recognize the theft, which will take place without breaking the lock.

However, robbers more often enter the dwelling through the window. Therefore, it pays to invest in those that are secure against burglary. If you do not have them, get a security foil. It is inconspicuous, easy to apply and prevents the glass from breaking.

Remember the smaller windows to the garage or basement.

Take a look around the house. Don’t have a ladder or similar tool in the garden that will make it easier to enter the building? Hide them inside or secure them with a lock.

Visits are desirable, but only trustworthy

Regular visits are crucial during your absence.

Ask someone you trust to visit your house regularly.

He checks the house, ventilates, wateres the flowers and, most importantly, retrieves the mail from the mailbox.

There is nothing more noticeable than uncollected letters.

Entrust the keys directly to his hands. Do not place them under the doormat or other places.

Believe that this will be the first thing the robber will try.

In addition, there is again a risk of a scramble with the insurance company due to intrusion with an intact lock.

Therefore, choose the right property insurance.

Play that you are at home

Surprisingly retracted blinds and curtains are not a happy choice for safety.

On the contrary, you are showing that no one is home.

You’d better keep it stretched, just keep all valuables out of sight.

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The robbers first look at the houses, then go for sure. Don’t invite them home by leaving a laptop or other attraction on the table.

It is best to put valuables in the safe.

If you don’t have it, hide it in a few unpredictable places around the house.

A new tip on how to confuse thieves is to turn on the lights and start the music on the timer.

They turn on automatically at certain times of the day, giving the impression that the house is still inhabited.

Close your mouth on the lock

It is clear that you want to share your holiday experiences as soon as possible.

But you’d better fill them with social networks after you arrive.

You do not know who will get informations that your house is empty.

A seemingly innocent photo or status will easily become an invitation to thieves.

Do not mention your absence on the answering machine or neighbors.

These tips can make you a little uneasy at first glance, but know that it is thanks to them that you will feel calmer when you leave your beloved home with your packed suitcases. You will then be able to relax even better when you know that the safety of your house is taken care of.


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