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7 Effective tips on How to get rid of cellulite!


Cellulite is a threat to almost every woman. Don’t despair when the damn bumpy skin in your thighs and buttocks starts to appear, it’s time to start doing something and get rid of it.

You can really do a lot and you can even win your age-old fight against cellulite by knockout in the first round!

What exactly is cellulite?

Cellulite is defined as a local metabolic disorder of the subcutaneous tissue. Cellulite increases the volume of fat cells (adipocytes) in the subcutaneous tissue, which are pushed towards the skin, creating the typical appearance of an orange peel. Blood flow is restricted at the affected site.

Why do we suffer from cellulite?

Anyone who discovers a clear cause of cellulite will probably receive a Nobel Prize. Unfortunately, the direct cause of cellulite is still being sought.

What are the factors behind cellulite?

Lifestyle, gender, race, genetic equipment, hormonal environment, presence of inflammation, co-occurrence of some of the diseases (circulatory, metabolic or digestive diseases) and risk periods in a woman’s life (puberty, pregnancy, menopause).

Is there anything you can do about cellulite?

As you can see, there are many factors that affect cellulite. Unless you have won the genetic lottery as a green card to the United States, you often have to make a significant effort to fight cellulite.

The most influential factor is lifestyle. Do you observe that lifestyle is a common denominator in the case of weight loss, the fight against cellulite or diseases of civilization? A healthy lifestyle is simply the key to many doors.

7 effective and proven tips for fighting cellulite that you should know

1. Healthy diet

A healthy diet with plenty of fiber, protein, healthy fats, complex carbohydrates and lots of vegetables and fruits will provide everything your body needs.

By limiting the consumption of refined carbohydrates, sugar, salt and unhealthy fats in all their forms, you will do the best you can to improve your diet.

By giving your body enough nutrients (proteins) to restore connective tissues (which keep fat cells under control), the symptoms of cellulite can be reduced.

2. Drink water

Have you already thrown away sweets and all the added sugar from your diet? Then it’s time to throw away or donate all the sweetened lemonades, juices and coffee or tea drinks squeezed with sugar to your neighbors.

Needless to say, reducing or excluding alcohol from the drinking regime is more than desirable. The basis of the drinking regime should be water in the range of 30-45 ml / kg body weight and depending on the level of sweating and sports.

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By drinking a regimen based on clean water and unsweetened drinks combined with salt restriction, we can get rid of several hundred milliliters of fluids that we can retain in the body.

3. Start doing strength training

Strength training seems to be the cure for all human problems. Of course I exaggerate, but even here iron has its place.

Thanks to regular strength training, you will wake up your sleeping muscles and they will get to work by strengthening your body, improving blood flow and, in the presence of a caloric deficit, will also help fight increased fat cells causing cellulite.

The right form for summer is created in the gym and you can have it all year round and not go crazy a few months before the summer. Just have a reasonable and consistent plan.

4. Find a complementary sport that will entertain you

Sport is not only a cure for the body, but also for the soul. Sports activity will re-energize the blood, lymphatic system and burn extra calories. Why is it great? With cellulite, the flow of blood and lymph in the affected area is limited and their flow through sports can help you.

Ride a bike, run, pull out roller skates, swim, rent a scooter or hike in the mountains. Find a lover of movement.

5. Move as possible during the day

Every step counts. We were created to move, not to sit at a computer all day.

Go to work on foot or by bike, limit car and public transport and make the most of your feet as your main means of transport.

6. Even at work, walk or stretch your stiff body as often as possible

If you’re not working manually, you’re probably sitting at a desk or standing somewhere in a store. And as you know, a sedentary lifestyle doesn’t benefit us, and sitting on your ass all day will not help you with cellulite either.

Ideally, take a few minutes’ walk every hour, go for a coffee, go out a few floors in the building and stretch your stiff muscles. Mainly the back and front of the thighs, because they are involved in the development of the lower cross syndrome. It’s not that hard, you need to set up an alert on your phone.

7. Give a classic or lymphatic massage a chance

Although the direct effect of massages on cellulite is such a speculative issue, there is no doubt that classical or lymphatic massage can increase blood flow in the massaged area, and thus theoretically contribute to the overall fight against cellulite.

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Lymphatic massage will support the lymph circulation and reduce any swelling. However, its effectiveness in the fight against cellulite is still shrouded in mystery and it turns out that it has no great effect on cellulite.

You can also try cold water baths, alternating cold and hot water. Why? Because in the body there is a support of blood flow due to contraction and dilation of blood vessels. And if that doesn’t help, at least you’ll refresh yourself in the summer.


Cellulite can be fought, and you can even kick her ass. But what if you try your best, you do everything right and it still doesn’t work? Let’s face it.

It may come as a surprise to you, but than investing a tremendous amount of energy and money in the pursuit of perfection that doesn’t exist, isn’t it better to be the best version of yourself and accept all the petty imperfections that ultimately bother you only, ladies?

Cellulite is unpleasant, but there is no reason for you to stay away from summer merriment or be ashamed of yourself.

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