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How to find purpose in life?


What is your life purpose? What is it that brings you joy and makes sense?

Many of us long for something more than just going through life aimlessly.

We want to find our purpose, our meaning in life.

But we can’t always understand what it should be right away. How to finally find your purpose? These steps will help you with that.

Have you ever felt such vague unfulfillment in your life?

Even if you live quite contentedly, feelings of disharmony and nonsense sometimes look out at you?

This happens to some of us, and these feelings can quite well become our guides to ourselves.

Despite the fact that we have the opportunity to study almost any high school or university, travel freely, start a business, buy one in a million titles in a bookstore or search for any issue on the Internet and find advice on how to do it.

Many of us cannot find our place in the world and orient ourselves correctly.

It is probably the freedom and diversity of the outside world that takes us away from ourselves.

We pay so much attention to the world out there that we forget to examine what is happening within ourselves.

We often do not perceive our own body, which warns us of the onset of illness, we suppress the internal tension that can lead us to collapse or burn out.

Why can’t we find our mission?

Many of us waste our lives in pursuit of seemingly important goals.

Over time, there is a feeling of complete exhaustion, frustration with life and we no longer feel any joy.

We do not understand what our place is in this world. We are looking for our mission and we are not finding it.

Many people today do not know what to do with themselves, so they find relief and escape in the form of various addictions and compulsive behaviors such as shopping, drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, overeating and more.

Paradoxically, sometimes we become our worst enemy because our minds have turned against us.

It is also one of the reasons why so many people in the Western world are depressed today and are on medication.

Unfortunately, this problem also affects young people, who have so many skills and talents, but do not know how to use them in this world.

How do you find out your purpose in life?

Fortunately, we are all born with an internal compass that can tell us if we are on the right track to finding our true mission. That compass is above all our feelings of fulfillment, joy and lightness.

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1. What did you want to be as a child?

One of the best clues to finding out your mission is to remember what you wanted to be as little kids.

In childhood, we are best connected to our true self, and our thinking is not affected by fears about money or caring for prestige.

Do you think you didn’t want to be something special and your dream job was a typical garbage man, a princess or an astronaut?

Even these classic children’s dreams are a reflection of your inner setting and can also be an interesting indicator for you in which direction to look for your mission.

2. What are your innate talents and abilities?

Everyone is good at something different and each of us is born with some talents and abilities.

Try to think about what gifts you have. Maybe you think a lot of your abilities are irrelevant, obvious, and everyone has them.

This can seem to you especially when you have been moving in the social bubble of people for a long time, who bring together their similar talents.

But be aware that not everyone can communicate as well with people as you, just as we all can’t cook, run fast, take good photos, create websites or play the guitar well.

3. What would you like to do if it wasn’t for money?

When we think about what we can do in our lives, we tend to constantly look at money.

So try to imagine that money would cease to exist and it would not matter how much you get for your work.

What would be your dream profession in this case? What activity would you be willing to do for free just for the feeling of joy and fulfillment?

Would you wear a jacket and go to a business meeting, or would you rather make something out of wood?

Here’s the question: “Why be an average manager who doesn’t like work when you can be an enthusiastic first-class carpenter that people will recommend to each other?”

4. How can you improve the world?

Our innate talents not only serve us, but also have a meaning for the society.

To the question: “How can I contribute to the improvement of the world?” Each of us will answer differently, in terms of what abilities we have, what we enjoy and what we do.

Whether you have a talent for giving joy to others with your art, you do scientific research, you can inspire others in a healthy lifestyle, design beautiful interiors for people or you are good at planting trees, you always contribute to improving the world around you with your talent, and that is why called “your purpose”.

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On the contrary, if someone does work for a long time, which they do not enjoy and is not very good at, they bring disharmony to the whole.

As a result, unnecessary mistakes, problems and misunderstandings arise.

Finding a purpose means going back to yourself

If you feel that your job is not “right” and you would like to do something completely different, you have probably come out of your way somewhere in your life.

However, this does not matter, because you have gained a lot of interesting experiences. At the same time, it is never too late to return to your journey.

Discovering your purpose is like going back to yourself, because it will allow you to live more in harmony with yourself and not just what others should expect from you.

No one else can know your mission except you.

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