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How to recognize a bad relationship


Do you have more and more doubts? Wondering if you’re really happy in a relationship?

Over time, it is normal for cohabitation to get into a well-established routine, but what if it disappears much more than the initial love affair. What if love, respect and trust alone disappear?

Friends keep telling you it doesn’t make sense. But they don’t see your relationship.

You and your partner must realize for themselves whether it makes sense to continue the relationship or not.

If you’re stuck in a one-sided relationship, you need to evaluate whether it makes sense to waste energy on someone who doesn’t appreciate it.

You make everything for the partner. You constantly give in to him, you adapt to his program, you cook, you clean. You give him your love and care and he just takes it.

The problem is that many women consider such a relationship to be normal.

It is natural for them to take care of the household and “serve” their husband, who spends all day at work. They defends him in front of friends and does not see how unhealthy the relationship is.

Feelings of guilt that don’t go away

Whatever you do doesn’t seem to be enough. You are troubled by doubts and you are constantly asking yourself if you are doing enough. If you’re good enough for him.

You focus all your energy on your partner and push yourself into the background.

It is important to realize that in a healthy relationship, partners are equal.

Neither of them has the upper hand and cannot delay the other. If this happens, you probably live in an unhealthy relationship.

American psychotherapist Barton Goldsmith warns that living in a dysfunctional relationship is emotionally exhausting and health problems can occur.

A bad relationship destroys health

Many experts agree that living in an unhealthy or even toxic relationship can affect a person’s health.

Unhappy people first experience injured feelings, unbalanced emotions, and later depression or even burnout.

Physical complications can also come. For example, overweight and poor lifestyle are common, which can lead to a heart attack.

Are you also trying to keep up the bad mood, dissatisfaction and worries? So watch out.

Food piles act as a patch to alleviate relationship problems, but they are not the answer.

While women overeat, men show dissatisfaction with aggression and anger.

A bad relationship can also affect their health. Men experience heart disease or stomach ulcers.

What a bad relationship looks like

Realizing that you are living in an unhealthy relationship is sometimes not easy. However, there are some signs that your relationship is on the verge.

  1. You are not telling the others the truth

You keep the details of your relationship secret from your friends and extended family. You never tell them that you feel underappreciated because he is eternally dissatisfied or that he doesn’t have time for you at all and prefers to spend time with friends.

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2. Your friends don’t like him

This seems like an irrelevant indicator, but believe me, friends often know very soon whether a partner is right for you or not. If they don’t love him, try to think about why.

3. He doesn’t like your family. And they don’t like him

So this is serious. Disagreements in the family are never pleasant, but sometimes they happen. It’s not that he doesn’t like your mother, but if more family members can’t take it, he’s already saying something.

4. He doesn’t respect you, he mocks you in front of others

He doesn’t treat you with dignity at all. He talks about you badly in public and he doesn’t find it inappropriate at all. Your partner should definitely not let you feel stupid or humiliated.

5. You have different dreams and plans for the future

One wants to travel, the other to start a family. It is important to agree on a compromise. However, if your partner is adamant and does not take your dreams into account from the beginning of the relationship, you need to think about the future.

6. You don’t feel equal

It determines the appearance of each evening, does not ask for your opinion and does not consult with you, even if it is an important decision. Such behavior can easily evoke feelings of inferiority. However, in a harmonious relationship, both partners should be equal.

7. You do not feel happy

You have not experienced feelings of happiness for a long time and you may not even feel loved. You have no support in your partner and you suffocate all your worries within yourself, because whatever you try to solve, you are a hysteric who exaggerates. From his point of view, everything may be fine, but shouldn’t he be interested in your opinion as well?

8. He wants to change you

He doesn’t like some of your qualities and would like to change them. In essence, it indirectly forces you not to be yourself, but his perfect idea. Your partner should love you the way you are. With all the scandals and strange habits. Nobody is perfect.

9. The spark disappeared

A bad relationship does not have to be full of misunderstanding, remorse and a bad conscience. You don’t have to treat yourself like teenagers in love, but if the relationship has disappeared and you live side by side as a brother and sister, it’s not good either.

10. You stopped understanding each other

Even that can happen over time. You’ve been together since high school, it’s been going to be a couple of years. And suddenly you find that you don’t understand each other that much anymore. You have different interests and ideas about the future. Before you talk in peace, you’re constantly arguing. It’s getting harder and harder for you to find common ground, so you’re just silent. You no longer wonder what is going through your head and in general you prefer to spend time alone than together.

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Look for warning signs

How do you know you’re in unhealthy relationship?

Your thoughts are the first warning sign.

How long have you been thinking about whether you are happy at all? When did you start thinking about deserving someone better?

If you have doubts in your head, it’s time to think hard about it and consider whether the relationship is worth it.

Although you may want to confide in a friend and discuss everything with you, discuss all important matters with your partner.

If it’s open to the possibility of saving your relationship, that’s fine.

Tell your partner what you are experiencing and how you feel. Tell him your ideas about an equal partnership.

The only way to correct a relationship is through mutual communication.

Your partner may not even realize how you really feel. I

f you are unable to solve the problems yourself, you can seek help from a specialist.

Remember that only if the redress effort is reciprocal can you correct your relationship and achieve true harmony.

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