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SMART METHOD: Set smart goals


The English word SMART has several meanings.

SMART WOMAN is intelligent, savvy, cheeky, fashionable and luxurious. If a man gives you this compliment, then he bows not only to your chosen taste, but also to your ability to think quickly and independently. An ambitious woman who bears these attributes will not be lost in the world.

A smart woman has clever goals that allow her to focus her activities in the right direction. And thanks to the SMART method, you can do it now.

SMART method

Do you know the story of a girl who wanted so badly but didn’t know WHAT? Probably not, because everything we do is driven by the vision of the goal.

It is important to know what we want and where we are going. When we don’t know, we have no motivation to do something and we fall into apathy until we get depressed.

With the SMART method, our goals are more structured and better trackable. SMART goals are: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely.

Specific goals

The more specific your goal, the more specific your idea of ​​how you could achieve it. Becoming a millionaire is too general goal. The specific goal is to earn 5,000 a month through our own business over the next five years.

A smart goal should answer the following questions:

WHAT exactly do you want to achieve?

HOW do you want to achieve this?

WHEN do you want to achieve this?

WHY do you want to achieve this?

Measurable goals

Determine how specifically your dreams should come true and determine your progress indicators.

If your goal is a perfect figure, you can define your measurable goal as follows: I will go to the gym three times a week. I will weigh one kilogram less each month. In half a year, I will have a waist circumference of 60 centimeters.

Achievable goals

Before you embark on a journey to your goals, ask yourself if they are at all achievable for you. And if so, ask further … Is the final state worth the effort, for your time, or for your money?

Meaningful goals

Do your goals express what you really want? Take a look at all your goals and try to get the true answer to the question: Why do I want it at all?

Why do you want to be in the leadership of the company? Because you were born a leader? Or do you just want to impress your friends?

Why do you want to have three children? Because you feel happiest in the role of mom? Or do you just want to fulfill the wishes of your partner?

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Are your natural inclinations in line with the goals you set?

The point is, following goals that are not yours will not make you happy. First you will be frustrated that you are not at the finish line yet, and then you will be frustrated that you are already at the finish line but still not satisfied or even stressed.

Time-bound goals

A task without a time limit basically does not exist. Nothing will get you into action as reliably as a deadline. Only when you have a deadline does your goal become binding.

Smart goals will help you succeed faster.

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