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How to peel and roast almonds?


Almonds in every way! How do you easily prepare them at home?

We will advise you on how to peel almonds quickly and easily, how to roast them properly so that they are not bitter, or how to make homemade almond butter and milk for a few crowns.

And is it actually better to eat almonds with or without peel? We know the answer to that too!

Almonds with or without skin?

Brown almond skin is slightly bitter, but contains a number of beneficial substances – it is a rich source of fiber and vitamin E, which is an important antioxidant and helps us strengthen immunity.

For some, the skin may be less digestible due to its high fiber content, but it gives nuts their characteristic taste and aroma.

Peeled almonds without peel are in turn more suitable for further processing and use in the kitchen.

How to peel almonds?

You only have unpeeled almonds at home, but you really need to get rid of the peel? You don’t have to run to the store right away, you can easily peel the almonds yourself at home. How to do it?

Bring the water in the pot to a boil and immerse the almonds in it for about a minute, or pour boiling water over the almonds in a bowl from a kettle and leave them in a hot bath for about 5 minutes.

Then strain the almonds and rinse with cold water. In both cases, the result will be the same: the skin swells, peels off and goes easily between the fingers from the nucleolus.

Finally, let the almonds dry.

And what about peeling raw almonds? It works even without hot water.

This method is more time consuming and laborious, but almonds retain all their nutrients and the resulting raw quality product. Just leave the almonds soaked in cold water overnight. Then they go peeling too.


You can put steamed almonds in a towel and rub them in your palms several times. Then all you have to do is pick the peeled almonds. The peels remain in the towel, which you can then easily knock out. Just be careful, the almond peels are dirty!

How to roast almonds?

Are you chasing sweets, but are there just ordinary almonds at home?

You already know how to peel them, but you can still roast them in their skins.

Come with us now to upgrade to the best homemade roasted almonds in the world!

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You will need:

  • almonds blanched or peeled
  • olive oil or melted butter (ghee)
  • salt
  • spices and herbs for seasoning
  • pan or oven preheated to 180 ° C

Mix the almonds in the bowl with a sufficient amount of fat – you don’t have to worry, we will eventually remove the excess fat.

Then pour the almonds onto a pan or baking sheet and sprinkle with salt.

We roast almonds until they start to turn golden. It usually takes about 5 minutes in the pan and 10 minutes in the oven.

Do not forget to check the almonds continuously and stir several times during roasting so that they do not stick!

Pour the roasted almonds on a paper napkin, which absorbs excess fat, dry slightly and season.

There are no limits to your imagination – try to improve them with, for example, smoked peppers or Provencal herbs.


And what about roasted almonds sweetly?

Exchange salt for sugar, olive oil for butter and let the almonds caramelize slightly during roasting.

Finally, you can dust them with cinnamon or vanilla sugar.

Almond butter and milk

Just imagine the intense almond flavor and creamy consistency that melts on the tongue.

And it’s done in a few minutes! You can also use peeled almonds to make butter, but butter from unpeeled almonds will have a more pronounced nutty taste and a fuller color.

Fry the almonds in the oven or pan dry and without salt.

After cooling, put the almonds in a powerful mixer and add a pinch of salt to enhance the taste of the nuts.

For a better taste, we recommend adding vanilla or cinnamon extract or maple syrup.

Mix until the butter has a beautiful creamy consistency. The longer we mix, the more fluid the butter will be.

Don’t give up, you can get to the beautiful cream butter even with a powerful mixer in a few minutes.

Still not fluid enough? Try adding a few tablespoons of sunflower or coconut oil while mixing.

Kill two flies with one blow and make almond milk straight from the butter.

It’s simple, just pour a cup of water over the remaining butter in a blender, mix briefly and finally strain it over the canvas.

However, if you put a little more work into preparing the milk, it will reward you with full taste and pleasant consistency. According to our recipe, everyone can do it!

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